A 105-year-old great-grandfather has caught up with an old pal he has not seen in more than 60 years after the Daily Echo revealed his hearty recipe for a long life.

Douglas Terrey's former apprentice said he couldn't believe his eyes when he read that the Marchwood pensioner was still polishing off a huge fried breakfast each morning and saw a picture of him tucking into a rasher of bacon on his birthday.

Ronald Best, 79, of Shirley, said he was 14 and working as a shop boy with Parsons in 1942 when he first met the engineer, then aged 40.

Two years later when he started an apprenticeship with the company Douglas took the fresh-faced trainee under his wing and taught him the tricks of the trade at the Old Trams Stables, Portswood.

However he was called up to serve with the Royal Signals regiment in Germany in 1946 and when he returned his supervisor had moved on to work with Esso.

After Ron contacted the Daily Echo we passed his details to Douglas and the pair met up to chat about old times on Monday.

He said: "I was amazed when I saw Doug after all this time. Doug was always a clever man but I couldn't believe how good his memory was.

"He remembered me and loads of people we used to work with and had great stories about them.

"I always remembered Doug because when I was off work sick he used to pop in on his way home and see how I was and make sure I got my pay packet, which was in an envelope in those days. He was a good man to work for.

"It was unbelievable to see him again and I've said I will be going round to see him again soon. It was great talking about the old days."

Ron had also found a dusty old photograph that belonged to his uncle, Norman Best, who worked at Parsons.

The picture was taken in 1939 and shows Douglas and about 20 of his old friends and workmates.

Douglas said: "It brought the memories flooding back. He reminded me of people I hadn't thought about in years. I couldn't believe how many of us were still alive.

"All together my birthday celebrations have been marvellous and it is all thanks to the Daily Echo."

Since the article appeared Douglas has had calls from other former colleagues.