Daily Echo: Titanic and Southampton

Daily Echo: Titanic in Southampton

The scale of the impact the Titanic disaster had upon Southampton cannot be stressed enough.

Four in every five members of the crew came from Southampton, with over 500 perishing in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Below is a list of all crew members who gave their address as a location in Southampton. The street with the largest number of sailors on was Oxford Street. This is mainly due to the Sailors' Home - now the Salvation Army - and a number of hostels that were on the street at the time.

Some of the streets listed below no longer exist due to a number of factors, most commonly damage during the Second World War and subsequent town planning policies.

To find a particular name or location, press the F3 button on your keyboard and type the name you are looking for. If using an iPad or iPhone, type the name you want into the Safari search bar, which will automatically pick up any matches.

This list only contains names and addresses of the crew members whom gave Southampton as their address.

There is also an interactive map showing where all the crew members lived in Southampton.


NameJobAge FateAddress in 1912
Abbott, Ernest OwenPantryman21Lost98 Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Abrams, WilliamFireman33Lost11 Charles Street, Chapel, Southampton
Adams, RFireman26Lost168 Romsey Road, Southampton
Ahier, Percy SnowdenSteward, 1st class20Lost136 Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Akerman, AlbertSteward, 1st class28Lost25 Rochester Street, Northam, Southampton
Akerman, Joseph FrancisAssistant Pantryman, 1st class35Lost25 Rochester Street Northam Southampton
Alaria, BaptisteAssistant Waiter22LostInternational Stewards' Club, 9 Orchard Place, Southampton
Allan, Robert SpencerBedroom Steward36LostDevonfield, Charlton Road Shirley Southampton
Allen, FrederickLift Steward, 1st class17Lost9 Short Street, Chapel, Southampton
Allen, GeorgeScullion26Lost32 Grove Street, Chapel, Southampton
Allen, HenryFireman32Lost3 French Street, Southampton
Allsop, Alfred Samuel2nd Electrician34Lost134 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Allsop, FrankSteward, 1st class41Lost73 Obelisk Road, Woolston, Southampton
Anderson, Walter JBedroom Steward, 1st class48Lost12 Queen's Terrace, Southampton
Ayling, Edwin GeorgeAssistant Vegetable Cook25Lost22 Wilton Street, Chapel Southampton
Back, Charles FrederickAssistant Lounge Steward32Lost38 Weymouth Terrace, Southampton
Bagley, Edward ErnestSteward, 1st Class31Lost11 Woodside Road, Portswood, Southampton
Bailey, George WFireman46Lost16 Brook Road (now Poole Road), Woolston, Southampton
Baines, RichardGreaser54Lost9 Union Place, Southampton
Bannon, JohnGreaser32Lost9 St George's Street, Southampton
Barker, Reginald LomondSecond Purser40LostMaybush House, Old Shirley, Shirley, Southampton
Barlow, CharlesFireman30Lost10 St Mary's Road, Southampton
Barlow, GeorgeBed Room Steward, 2nd class36LostCarminster, Foundry Lane, Millbrook, Southampton
Barnes, CharlesFireman29Lost45 York Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Barnes, FrederickAssistant Baker37Lost25 Parsonage Road, Northam, Southampton
Barnes, JFireman29Lost Woodley Road, Woolston, Southampton
Barratt, Arthur (Archie)Bell Boy, 1st class15Lost164, Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Barrett, Frederick WilliamFireman33Lost26 Bevois Street, Chapel, Southampton
Barringer, Arthur WilliamSteward, 1st class33Lost52 Padwell Road, Southampton
Barrow, HarryAssistant Butcher35Lost17 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Barton, Sidney JohnSteward, 3rd class 25Lost85, College Street, Southampton
Baxter, Harry RossSteward, 3rd class51Lost5 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Baxter, Thomas FergusonLinen Steward, 1st class48Lost81 Atherley Road, Hill, Southampton
Beattie, JosephGreaser35LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Bedford, William BarnetAssistant Cook31Lost163 Manor Road, Itchen, Southampton
Beere, WilliamKitchen Porter19Lost2 Avenue Cottages, Warren Avenue, Shirley, Southampton
Bell, JosephChief Engineer51Lost34 Canute Road, Chapel, Southampton
Bendell, FrankFireman24Lost26 Woodley Road, Woolston, Southampton
Benham, FrederickSteward, 2nd Class29Lost56 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Bennett, GeorgeFireman29Lost3 Deal Street, Chapel, Southampton
Benville, EFireman42Lost4 Orchard Lane, Southampton
Bessant, Edward ErnestBaggage Steward, 1st class31Lost39 Shirley Park Road, Shirley, Southampton
Bessant, William EdwardFireman39Lost36 Henry Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Best, Edwin AlfredSteward, 1st class38Lost87 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Bevis, Joseph HenryTrimmer22Lost171 Empress Road, Bevois Town, Southampton
Biddlecombe, CFireman33Lost42 Kentish Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Biggs, Edward CharlesFireman21Lost65 College Street, Southampton
Billows, JTrimmer20Lost28 Bell Street, Southampton
Bishop, Walter AlexanderBedroom Steward, 1st class34Lost16 High Street (now Bishop's Road), Itchen, Southampton
Black, AlexanderFireman28Lost6 Briton Street, Southampton
Black, DFireman41LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Blackman, HFireman24Lost58 College Street, Southampton
Blake, SeatonMess Steward26LostHolyrood House, Winkle Street, Southampton
Blake, Thomas HenryFireman36Lost35 Peel Street, Northam, Southampton
Blaney, JamesFireman29LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Blann, Eustace HoratiusFireman21Lost99 Pound Street (now Cannon Street), Shirley, Southampton
Blumet, JeanPlateman27Lost26 Richmond Street, Southampton
Bochatez, AlexisAssistant Chef29Lost28 Oak Bank Road, Itchen, Southampton
Bolhuis, HenriLarder27Lost37 Orchard Place, Southampton
Bond, William JohnBedroom Steward, 1st class40Lost20 Hanley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Boothby, WBedroom Steward, 2nd Class36Lost50 Ivy Road, St Denys, Southampton
Boston, William JohnAssistant Steward, 1st class30Lost1 Hanley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Bott, WilliamGreaser44Lost6 Nichols Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Boughton, Bernard JohnSteward, 1st Class24Lost10 Richmond Street, Southampton
Boyd, JohnSteward, 1st class35Lost52 Cranbury Avenue, Southampton
Boyes, John Henry (Harry)Steward, 1st class33Lost106 Clovelly Road, Southampton
Bradley, PatrickFireman39Lost4 Green's Court, 101 East Street, Southampton
Bradley, TAble Seaman29Lost25 Threefield Lane, Southampton
Bradshaw, J APlate Steward, 1st class43Lost2 Portland Street, Southampton
Brewer, HenryTrimmer30Lost26 or 27 Palmerston Road, Kingsland, Southampton
Brewster, George HenryBedroom Steward, 1st class48Lost5 Carlton Place, Southampton
Bristow, Robert CharlesSteward 3rd class31Lost49 Westridge Road, Portswood, Southampton
Brookman, JohnSteward 3rd class27Lost34 Richmond Street, Southampton
Brooks, JTrimmer25Lost128 Lyon Street, Nicholstown, Southampton
Broome, Athol FrederickVerandah Steward, 1st class30LostWhite Lodge, Castle Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Brown, JohnFireman25Lost2 Russell Street, Southampton
Brown, Walter JamesSteward, 1st class36LostNestleton, Hillside Avenue, Bitterne Park,Southampton
Brugge, Wessel AdrianusFireman39LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Buckley, H EAssistant Vegetable Cook34Lost7 Brunswick Square, Southampton
Bull, WScullion20Lost27 Chandos Street, Southampton
Bulley, Henry AshburnhamBoots steward, 2nd Class21LostCarisbrooke, Britannia Road, Northam, Southampton
Bunnell, WilfredPlate Steward, 1st class20Lost47 Kingsfield Road, Southampton
Burr, Ewart SydenhamSteward, 1st Class29Lost34 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton
Burroughs, ArthurFireman35Lost73 Adelaide Road, St Denys, Southampton
Burton, Edward John (Ted)Fireman32Lost74 Chapel Street, Chapel, Southampton
Butt, Robert HenrySteward, 1st class22Lost6 Cawte Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Butt, WilliamFireman30Lost6 Cawte Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Butterworth, JackSteward, 1st class23Lost270 Priory Road, St Denys, Southampton
Calderwood, HughTrimmer30LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Canner, JFireman40Lost17 Shamrock Road, Woolston, Southampton
Carr, Richard StephenTrimmer37LostMalvern Cottage, Winchester Road, Shirley, Southampton
Carter, JamesFireman46Lost5 Brinton's Road, Southampton
Cartwright, James EdwardSteward, 1st class32Lost11 Western Terrace, Chapel, Southampton
Casey, TTrimmer38LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Casswill, CharlesSaloon Steward34Lost42 Oxford Avenue, Nicholstown, Southampton
Castleman, EdwardGreaser37Lost37 North Road, St Denys, Southampton
Caunt, William EwartGrill Cook27Lost55 Sydney Road, Shirley, Southampton
Cave, HerbertSteward, 1st class34Lost17 Shirley Park Road, Shirley, Southampton
Cecil, CharlesSteward, 3rd class20Lost194 Millbrook Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Charman, JohnSteward, 2nd class25Lost10 Latimer Street, Southampton
Cherrett, William VictorFireman25Lost13 Nelson Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Chisnall, George AlexanderBoilermaker32Lost53 High Street (now Bishop's Road), Itchen, Southampton
Chitty, Archibald GeorgeSteward, 3rd class28Lost69 Bevois Valley Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Chitty, George HenryAssistant Baker52Lost69 Bevois Valley Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Chorley, JohnFireman25Lost2 Regent Street, Southampton
Christmas, HerbertSteward, 2nd class33Lost4 Brinton's Road, Southampton
Clark, ThomasSteward, 1st Class37Lost Hillside Avenue, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Clench, GeorgeAble Seaman31Lost10 Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton
Coe, HarryTrimmer21Lost10 Cross Court, Southampton
Coleman, Albert EdwardSteward, 1st class28Lost2, Myrtle Bank, Oak Tree Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Coleman, JohnMess Steward55Lost7 Mortimer Road, Itchen, Southampton
Cook, GeorgeSteward, 1st class33Lost23 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Coombs, Augustus CharlesAssistant Cook39Lost78 Duke's Road, St Denys, Southampton
Cooper, HarryFireman26Lost9 George Street, Northam, Southampton
Cooper, JamesTrimmer25Lost27 Pound Street (now Cannon Street), Shirley, Southampton
Copperthwaite, Albert (Bert)Fireman22Lost39 Mount Street, Southampton
Corben, Ernest TheodoreAssistant Printer, 1st class27Lost58 Floating Bridge Road, Chapel, Southampton
Corcoran, DennyFireman33LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Couch, Joseph HenryGreaser45Lost42 Canton Street, Southampton
Coutin, AugusteEntrée28Lost37 Orchard Place, Southampton
Cox, William DSteward, 3rd class29Lost110 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Coy, Francis Ernest GeorgeJunior Assistant 3rd Engineer26Lost134 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton
Crabb, HenryTrimmer23Lost101 Fir Grove (now Firgrove) Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Creese, Henry PhilipDeck Engineer44Lost2 Enfield Grove, Woolston, Southampton
Crisp, Albert HectorSteward, 1st class35Lost37 Macnaughten Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Cross, WFireman39Lost97 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton
Crovella, LuigiAssistant Waiter17Lost5 Orchard Place, Southampton
Crumplin, CharlesBedroom Steward, 1st class35Lost20 Shakespeare Avenue, Portswood, Southampton
Cunningham, BFireman30Lost6 Briton Street, Southampton
Curtis, ArthurFireman25Lost55 Kingsley Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Dashwood, William GeorgeSteward, 2nd class19LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Davies, Gordon RaleighBedroom Steward, 1st33LostHiawatha, Hillside Avenue, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Davies, John JExtra 2nd Baker27/28Lost19 Eastfield Road, St Denys, Southampton
Davies, Robert JSteward, 2nd class26Lost12 The Polygon, Polygon, Southampton
Davies, ThomasLeading Fireman33Lost2 Church Lane, Highfield, Southampton
Dawson, JosephTrimmer23Lost70 Briton Street, Southampton
Dean, George HSteward, 2nd class19Lost King Edward Avenue, Shirley, Southampton
Deeble, Alfred ArnoldSteward29Lost81 Atherley Road, Hill Southampton
Derrett, ArthurSteward, 1st class26LostLyndon, Hillside Avenue, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Deslandes, Percival StainerSaloon Steward, 1st class36Lost405 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton
Dickson, WTrimmer36Lost10 Oriental Terrace, Southampton
Dinenage, James RichardSteward, 1st class47Lost4 Cawte Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Dodd, Edward CharlesJunior 3rd Engineer37Lost26 Queen's Parade (now Queen’s Terrace), Southampton
Dodd, GeorgeSecond Steward, 1st class44Lost59 Morris Road, Polygon, Southampton
Dodds, Renny [Henry] WatsonJunior Assistant 4th Engineer27Lost12 Queens Park Terrace, Southampton
Dolby, JosephReception Steward, 1st class35Lost12 Devonshire Road, Polygon, Southampton
Donoghue, TBedroom Steward, 1st class35Lost60 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton
Dornier, LouisAssistant Fish Cook20Lost3 Orchard Place, Southampton
Doughty, NSteward, 2nd class22Lost65 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Doyle, LaurenceFireman27Lost10 Orchard Place, Southampton
Duffy, William LukeWriter/ Engineer's Clerk26Lost11 Garton Road, Itchen, Southampton
Dunford, WilliamHospital Steward, 3rd class41Lost16 Bridge Street, Southampton
Dyer, Henry RylandSenior Assistant 4th Engineer24Lost53 Middle Street, Inner Avenue, Southampton
Dyer, WilliamSteward, 1st class31Lost46 Stafford Road, Shirley, Southampton
Eagle, Alfred JamesTrimmer27Lost13 Lyon Street, Nicholstown,Southampton
Eastman, CharlesGreaser44Lost17 Cecil Avenue, Shirley, Southampton
Ede, George BSteward, 3rd Class22LostBulkeley House, 47 Manor Farm Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Edge, Frederick WilliamDeck Steward, 2nd class37Lost28 Clovelly Road, Southampton
Edwards, ClementAssistant Pantryman, 1st class39Lost7 Brunswick Square, Southampton
Elliott, Everett EdwardTrimmer24LostSailors' Home Oxford Street, Southampton
Evans, GeorgeSteward33Lost2 Nightingale Grove, Freemantle, Southampton
Evans, George RichardSteward, 1st Class32Lost36 Richmond Road, Shirley, Southampton
Evans, WilliamTrimmer30Lost11 Ryde Terrace, Southampton
Farquharson, William EdwardSenior 2nd Engineer39Lost90 Wilton Avenue, Polygon, Southampton
Fay, Thomas JosephGreaser30Lost31 Standford Street, Chapel, Southampton
Fellowes, Alfred JAssistant Boots Steward, 1st class29Lost51 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Feltham, GVienna Baker36Lost64 St Denys Road, St Denys, Southampton
Ferrary, AntonTrimmer34Lost38 St Mary's Place, Chapel, Southampton
Ferris, WLeading Fireman38Lost5 Hanover Buildings, Southampton
Finch, HarrySteward, 3rd class18Lost32 French Street, Southampton
Ford, ErnestSteward, 3rd class31Lost100 Brinton's Road, Southampton
Ford, FBed Room Steward, 2nd class37LostHooper's Temperance Hotel, 66 Oxford Street, Southampton
Ford, HTrimmer22LostRoyal Oak, 5 Evans Street, Southampton
Ford, ThomasLeading Fireman30Lost36 Russell Street, Southampton
Foster, Albert CStorekeeper37Lost38 North Front, Kingsland, Southampton
Franklin, AlanSteward, 2nd class29LostEgremont, Newton Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Fraser, J Fireman30LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Fraser, JamesJunior Assistant 3rd Engineer29Lost54 Tennyson Road, Portswood, Southampton
Freeman, Edward Ernest SamuelDeck Steward, 1st class43Lost5 Hanley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Gatti, LuigiManager36LostMontalto, Harborough Road, Polygon, Southampton
Geddes, Richard CharlesBedroom Steward, 1st class31Lost80 Grove Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Geer, Alfred ErnestFireman24Lost2 Standford Street, Chapel, Southampton
Gilardino, Vincenzo PioWaiter31Lost15 Bellevue Road, Southampton
Giles, John2nd Baker30Lost104 Lime Street, Nicholstown, Southampton
Gill, Joseph StanleyBedroom Steward, 1st class34Lost17 Suffolk Avenue, Freemantle, Southampton
Gill, Thomas PatrickShip's Cook38Lost24 Waverley Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Golder, M WFireman32Lost15 Lansdowne Hill, Castle Lane, Southampton
Gollop, FAssistant Passenger Cook28Lost27 Briton Street, Southampton
Gordon, JTrimmer29LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Goree, FrankGreaser42Lost5 Belvidere Terrace, Northam, Southampton
Goshawk, Arthur JamesThird Saloon Steward, 1st class31Lost6 Coventry Road, Southampton
Gosling, Bertram JamesTrimmer22Lost11 Lower York Street, Northam, Southampton
Gosling, STrimmer26Lost17 French Street, Southampton
Gradidge, Ernest EdwardFireman22Lost44 Radcliffe Road, Northam, Southampton
Green, GeorgeTrimmer20Lost57 Howard's Grove, Shirley, Southampton
Gregory, DavidGreaser40Lost30 Floating Bridge Road, Chapel, Southampton
Gumery, GeorgeMess Steward24Lost24 Canute Road, Chapel, Southampton
Gunn, Joseph AlfredSteward, 2nd class28Lost22 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Gwinn, William LoganPostal Clerk37Lost4 Commercial Road, Southampton
Hall, F A JScullion38Lost70 Sydney Road, Southampton
Hall, JFireman32Lost2 Westgate Street, Southampton
Hallett, GeorgeFireman22Lost101 Church Street, Shirley, Southampton
Hamblyn, Ernest WilliamBed Room Steward, 2nd class41Lost2 Norman Villas, Dyer Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Hamilton, Ernest WAssistant Smoke Room Steward, 1st class25Lost5 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Hands, BernardFireman53Lost St Michael's House, Southampton
Hannam, GeorgeFireman27Lost1 Oxford Terrace, Millbank Street, Northam, Southampton
Harding, Alfred JohnAssistant Pantryman, 2nd class20LostStation Cottages, Wessex Lane, Swaythling, Southampton
Harris, Amos FredTrimmer21Lost12 Wilton Road , Shirley, Southampton
Harris, CharlesSteward18Lost14 ,Short Street, Chapel, Southampton
Harris, CliffordBell Boy, 1st class16Lost14 Short Street, Chapel, Southampton
Harris, EdwardFireman28Lost83 Belgrave Road, Portswood, Southampton
Harrison, NormanJunior 2nd Engineer38Lost30 Coventry Road, Southampton
Hart, JamesFireman49Lost51 College Street, Southampton
Harvey, Herbert GiffordJunior Assistant 2nd Engineer30Lost49 Obelisk Road, Woolston, Southampton
Haslin, JamesTrimmer45LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Hatch, HughScullion22Lost446 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton
Hawkesworth, JamesSteward, 2nd class38Lost18 Wilton Road, Shirley, Southampton
Hawkesworth, William WalterAssistant Steward, 1st class43LostBellmoor, Lemon Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Hayter, ArthurBedroom Steward, 1st class44Lost10 Mayflower Road, Shirley, Southampton
Head, AFireman24Lost19 Russell Street, Southampton
Hendy, Edward MartinSteward, 1st class38Lost21 Payne's Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Hensford, Herbert GeorgeAssistant Butcher29Lost132 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Hill, Henry ParkinsonSteward, 3rd class36LostHooper's Temperance Hotel, 66 Oxford Street, Southampton
Hill, JamesTrimmer25Lost10 Kingsland Square, Kingsland, Southampton
Hill, James Colston (Jimmie)Bedroom Steward, 1st class38Lost64 Cromwell Road, Southampton
Hinckley, GeorgeBath Steward, 2nd class35LostCambridge Temperance Hotel, 2 Oxford Street, Southampton
Hinton, Stephen WilliamTrimmer30Lost26 Cumberland Street, Chapel, Southampton
Hiscock, Sidney GeorgePlate Steward, 1st class22Lost38 Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton
Hoare, Leonard James (Len)Steward, 1st class18.5Lost108 Lyon Street, Southampton
Hodge, Charles (Charley)Senior Assistant 3rd Engineer28Lost16 Ivy Road (later Laurel Road), Itchen, Southampton
Hodges, WFireman26Lost6 Britannia Road (now Tankerville Road), Itchen, Southampton
Hodgkinson, LeonardSenior 4th Engineer45Lost67 Arthur Road. Shirley. Southampton
Holloway, SidneyAssistant Steward, 1st class20Lost60 Hartington Road. Nicholstown. Southampton
Holman, HarryAble Seaman27LostCathcart, Britannia Road, Northam, Southampton
Hopgood, RolandFireman29Lost81 Romsey Road, Shirley, Southampton
Hopkins, FredPlate Steward, 1st class16Lost14 Fanshawe Street, Nicholstown, Southampton
Hosgood, RichardFireman22Lost19 Woodley Road, Woolston, Southampton
Hosking, George FoxSenior 3rd Engineer36Lost28 Avenue Road (now Radstock Road), Itchen, Southampton
House, William (Jack)Steward, 1st class38Lost44 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Howell, Arthur AlbertSteward, 1st class31Lost12 Cliff Road (now Wharncliffe Road), Itchen, Southampton
Hughes, William ThomasAssistant 2nd Steward, 1st class33LostIvy Bank, Dyer Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Humby, FrederickPlate Steward, 2nd class16Lost52 Clarendon Road, Shirley, Southampton
Humphreys, HumphreySteward, 2nd class31Lost10 Rockstone Lane, Southampton
Hunt, TomFireman28Lost2 Queen Street, Southampton
Hurst, Charles John (Jack)Fireman35Lost3 Laundry Road, Shirley, Southampton
Hutchinson, John HallJoiner26Lost40 Onslow Road (now Swift Road), Woolston, Southampton
Hutchison, JamesVegetable Cook29LostCambridge Temperance Hotel, 2 Oxford Street, Southampton
Ide, Harry JohnBedroom Steward, 1st class32Lost114 Lyon Street, Nicholstown, Southampton
Ingram, GTrimmer21Lost18 Lower York Street, Northam, Southampton
Ingrouille, HenrySteward, 3rd class21Lost15 Floating Bridge Road, Chapel, Southampton
Ings, William ErnestKitchen Porter20Lost45 Stratton Road, Shirley, Southampton
Instance, TFireman33Lost12 Guillaume Terrace, Chapel, Southampton
Jackson, Cecil (Jack)Assistant Boots Steward, 1st class22Lost22 Graham Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Jacopson, JohnTrimmer29Lost97 Dukes Road, St Denys, Southampton
Jago, JosephGreaser27Lost47 Millbank Street, Northam, Southampton
James, ThomasFireman27Lost27 College Street, Southampton
Janaway, William FrankBedroom Steward, 1st class35LostAlpha House, 1 Sir George's Road, Southampton
Jarvis, WalterFireman37Lost29 Canal Walk, Southampton
Jeffery, William AlfredController28Lost2 Church Lane, Highfield, Southampton
Jenner, HarrySaloon Steward, 2nd class41Lost3 Bellevue Road, Southampton
Jensen, Charles ValdemarSteward, 2nd class25Lost17 Morris Road, Polygon, Southampton
Joas, NFireman38Lost55 Bond Street, Northam, Southampton
Johnstone, HarryAssistant Ship's Cook26Lost103 North-West Road, Sholing, Southampton
Jones, Albert (Bert)Steward, 2nd class17LostWoodfield, Charlton Road, Shirley, Southampton
Jones, Arthur ErnestPlate Steward, 2nd class38Lost122 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton
Jones, HRoast Cook29Lost10 Regent Street, Southampton
Jones, ReggieSteward, 1st class20Lost67 Portland Terrace, Southampton
Jouannault, GeorgesAssistant Sauce Cook24Lost3 Orchard Place, Southampton
Jukes, JamesGreaser35LostCamlens House, Moorgreen Road, Moor Green, West End, Southampton
Jupe, Boylett HerbertAssistant Electrician31Lost74 Bullar Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Kearl, Charles HenryGreaser43Lost17 Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton
Kearl, GTrimmer24Lost27 Botany Bay Road, Sholing, Southampton
Keegan, JamesLeading Fireman38Lost2 West Place, Marine Parade, Chapel, Southampton
Kelland, ThomasLibrary Steward, 2nd class21Lost Commercial Street, Bitterne, Southampton
Kelly, JamesGreaser44Lost12 Woodley Road, Woolston, Southampton
Kemp, Thomas HolmanExtra Assistant 4th Engineer43Lost11 Cedar Road, Bevois Town, Southampton
Kenchenton, FrederickGreaser37Lost9 Latimer Street, Southampton
Kennel, CharlesHebrew Cook30Lost6 Park View, Southampton
Kenzler, AugustStorekeeper43Lost21 Blechynden Terrace, Southampton
Kerr, Thomas (Tommy)Fireman26Lost7 Hartley Street, Southampton
Ketchley, HenrySteward, 1st class30Lost14 Northcote Road, Southampton
Kieran, James WChief 3rd Class Steward32LostInglewood, Bellemoor Road, Shirley, Southampton
Kieran, MichaelStorekeeper31Lost7 Avenue Road (now Radstock Road), Itchen, Southampton
King, AlfredLift Steward, 1st class18Lost9 Dyer Road, Freemantle, Southampton
King, GScullion20Lost46 Threefield Lane, Southampton
Kingscote, William FordSteward, 1st class43Lost24 Elgin Road, Southampton
Kinsella, LFireman30Lost7 Canal Walk, Southampton
Kirkham, JGreaser39Lost4 Chapel Street, Chapel, Southampton
Kitching, Arthur AlfredSteward, 1st class30Lost170 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Klein, HerbertBarber, 3rd class33Lost56 Oakley Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Lake, WilliamSteward, 1st class35LostFlorence Hotel, 6 Royal Crescent, Chapel, Southampton
Lane, Albert EdwardSteward, 1st class34Lost207 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton
Lawrence, ArthurAssistant Second Steward, 1st class35LostHooper's Temperance Hotel, 66 Oxford Street, Southampton
Leader, ArchieConfectioner22Lost13 Fanshawe Street, Nicholstown Southampton
Lee, HTrimmer18Lost94 Bevois Street, Chapel, Southampton
Lefeuvre, GeorgeSteward, 1st class32Lost25 Orchard Place, Southampton
Levett, GeorgeAssistant Pantryman, 1st class21Lost7 Chilworth Road (now Tremona Road), Shirley, Southampton
Light, Christopher WilliamFireman21Lost24 Back of the Walls, Southampton
Light, WFireman47Lost25 Grove Street, Chapel, Southampton
Lloyd, HumphreySteward, 1st class32LostCriterion Restaurant, Oxford Street, Southampton
Lloyd, WFireman29Lost18 Orchard Place, Southampton
Locke, AScullion33Lost309 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton
Long, FTrimmer28Lost19 Sidford Street, Southampton
Long, WilliamTrimmer30Lost3 Marine Terrace, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Lovell, JohnGrill Cook38Lost21 Highlands Road, Itchen, Southampton
Lydiatt, CharlesSteward, 1st class38Lost12 Brunswick Square, Southampton
Lyons, William HenryAble Seaman26Lost27 Orchard Lane, Southampton
Mabey, John C.Steward, 3rd class24Lost27 Grove Road, Southampton
Mackie, George WilliamBed Room Steward, 2nd class34Lost31 Winchester Road, Shirley, Southampton
Major, Thomas EdgarBath Steward, 1st class35LostCriterion Restaurant, Oxford Street, Southampton
Mantle, Roland FrederickSteward, 3rd class36Lost60 Brinton's Road Southampton
March, John StarrPostal Clerk48Lost13 East Park Terrace Southampton
Marks, JohnAssistant Pantryman, 1st class26Lost93 Livingstone Road Portswood Southampton
Marrett, GFireman22Lost32 Elm Street Chapel Southampton
Marriott, John WilliamAssistant Pantryman, 1st class20Lost7 Chilworth Road (now Tremona Road) Southampton
Marsh, Frederick CharlesFireman39Lost4 Back-of-the-Walls Southampton
Maskell, Leopold AdolphusTrimmer25Lost26 Albert Road Chapel Southampton
Mason, JLeading Fireman39Lost3 Wickham Court, French Street, Southampton
Matherson, DavidAble Seaman30Lost20 Everton Street, Southampton
Mathias, Montague VincentMess Steward27Lost2 Corporation Flats, Simnel Street, Southampton
Mattman, AdolfIceman21Lost3 Orchard Place, Southampton
Maxwell, JohnCarpenter31Lost27 Leighton Road (now St Edmund's Road), Shirley, Southampton
May, ArthurFireman23Lost75 York Street, Northam, Southampton
May, Arthur WilliamFireman Messman60Lost75 York Street, Northam, Southampton
Mayo, William PeterLeading Fireman27Lost24 Cable Street, Northam, Southampton
Maytum, AlfredChief Butcher52Lost12 Stafford Road, Shirley, Southampton
McAndrew, ThomasFireman36LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
McCarthy, Frederick JBedroom Steward, 1st class36Lost17 Charlton Road, Shirley, Southampton
McCastlin, WFireman38Lost53 French Street, Southampton
McElroy, Hugh WalterPurser37Lost Polygon House Hotel, Polygon, Southampton
McGarvey, Edward JosephFireman34Lost54 College Street, Southampton
McGaw, Erroll VFireman30Lost6 Broadlands Road, Portswood, Southampton
McGrady, JamesSteward, 1st class27LostPlatform Tavern, Town Quay, Southampton
McGregor, JFireman30Lost7 Briton Street, Southampton
McMicken, Benjamin TuckerSecond Pantryman Steward, 1st class21Lost43 Suffolk Avenue, Freemantle, Southampton
McMullin, JamesSteward, 1st class32Lost120 St Mary's Road, Southampton
McRae, William AlexanderFireman30Lost43 Threefield Lane, Southampton
Mellor, ArthurSteward, 1st class34Lost6 Carlton Place, Southampton
Milford, GeorgeFireman29Lost3 Graham Street, Northam, Southampton
Mintram, WilliamFireman46Lost15 Chapel Road, Chapel, Southampton
Mishellany, AbrahamPrinter52LostCriterion Restaurant, Oxford Street, Southampton
Mitchell, LawrenceTrimmer18Lost45 Bevois Valley Road, Bevois Valley ,Southampton
Moore, Alfred ErnestSteward, 2nd class39Lost142 St Mary's Road, Southampton
Moores, Richard HenryGreaser44Lost174 Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Morgan, Arthur HerbertTrimmer27Lost18 Threefield Lane, Southampton
Morgan, Thomas AFireman26LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Morrell, RTrimmer21Lost51 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Morris, ArthurGreaser30Lost18 Short Street, Chapel, Southampton
Morris, WTrimmer24Lost5 Marine Parade, Chapel, Southampton
Moss, WilliamFirst Saloon Steward, 1st class34Lost37 Charlton Road, Shirley ,Southampton
Muller, LInterpreter & Steward, 3rd class36LostHooper's Temperance Hotel, 67 Oxford Street, Southampton,
Mullin, ThomasSteward, 3rd class20Lost12 Onslow Road (now Swift Road), Woolston, Southampton
Murdoch, William McMasterFirst Officer38Lost94 Belmont Road, Portswood, Southampton
Nettleton, GFireman28Lost23 Empress Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Newman, Charles ThomasAsssistant Storekeeper32Lost9 Latimer Street, Southampton
Nicholls, SidneySteward, 1st class39Lost3 Brunswick Square, Southampton
Nichols, AlfredBoatswain42Lost37 Oakley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Nichols, Arthur DSteward, 3rd class34Lost43 Suffolk Avenue, Freemantle, Southampton
Noon, JohnFireman35LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Norris, JamesFireman23Lost5 Spa Road, Southampton
Noss, Bertram ArthurFireman21Lost8 St Peter's Road, Southampton
Olive, CharlesGreaser31Lost43 College Street, Southampton
Olive, Ernest RoskellyClothes Presser, 1st class28LostMontana, 37 Hanley Road, Shirley, Southampton
O'Loughlin, William Francis NormanSurgeon62Lost Polygon House Hotel, Polygon, Southampton
Orpet, WalterSteward, 1st class31Lost1 Vaudrey Street, Shirley, Southampton
Orr, JAssistant Vegetable Cook40Lost45 Coleman Street, Chapel, Southampton
Osborne, WilliamSteward, 1st class32Lost7 Hewitt's Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Owen, LewisSteward, 2nd class43Lost49 Earl's Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Pacey, Reginald IvanLift Steward, 2nd class17LostCambridge Villa, Millbrook Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Pachera, Jean Baptiste StanislasAssistant Larder20Lost3 Orchard Place, Southampton
Paice, Richard Charles JohnFireman32Lost30 Houndwell Gardens, Southampton
Painter, CharlesFireman31Lost172 Mortimer Road, Itchen, Southampton
Painter, FrankFireman29Lost10 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Paintin, James ArthurCaptain's Steward29Lost20 Shakespeare Avenue, Portswood, Southampton
Parsons, EdwardChief Storekeeper37Lost26 Roberts Road, Southampton
Parsons, Frank AlfredSenior Fifth Engineer26Lost38 Bugle Street, Southampton
Parsons, RichardSteward, 2nd class18Lost3 Polygon Road (now Henstead Road), Polygon, Southampton
Pearce, Alfred ErnestSteward, 3rd class24Lost27 Richmond Street, Southampton
Pedrini, Ales.Assistant Waiter21LostBowling Green House, Orchard Place, Southampton
Penny, William FarrSteward, 2nd class30Lost29 Lodge Road, Portswood, Southampton
Penrose, John PooleBedroom Steward, 1st class49Lost13 South View Road (now Hawkswood Road), Bitterne Park, Southampton
Perkins, Laurence AlexanderTelephone Operator22Lost24 Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton
Perrin, William CharlesBoots steward, 2nd class39Lost24 Bellemoor Road, Shirley, Southampton
Perriton, Hubert ProwseSteward, 1st class31Lost11 St Andrew's Road, Southampton
Perry, HenryTrimmer23Lost3 Ryde Terrace, Chapel, Southampton
Petty, Edwin HenryBed Room Steward25Lost25 Orchard Place, Southampton
Phillips, GeorgeGreaser27Lost5 Grove Street, Chapel, Southampton
Phillips, Walter JohnStore Keeper35Lost8 Jessie Terrace, Southampton
Pitfield, William JamesGreaser25Lost13 Albert Road (now Keswick Road), Woolston, Southampton
Platt, WScullion18Lost107 Belgrave Road, Portswood, Southampton
Poggi, EmilioWaiter26LostBowling Green House, Orchard Place, Southampton
Pond, GeorgeFireman32LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Pook, Percy RobertAssistant Pantryman, 2nd class34Lost23 Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton
Porteus, ThomasAssistant Butcher32Lost20 Upper Bugle Street, Southampton
Preston, Thomas Charles AlfredTrimmer20Lost42 Millbank Street, Northam, Southampton
Proctor, CharlesChef40LostCalderstones, 29 Southview Road, Shirley, Southampton
Proudfoot, RichardTrimmer23Lost2 Pear Tree Green, Itchen, Southampton
Pryce, Charles WilliamSteward,1st class24LostHeatherdene, Newlands Avenue, Southampton
Pugh, PercyLeading Fireman31Lost22 Peel Street, Northam, Southampton
Pennal, Thomas FrederickBath Steward33Lost77 Imperial Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton
Pusey, John ESteward, 1st class35Lost61 Manor Road, Itchen, Southampton
Randall, Frank HenrySteward, 2nd class29Lost182 Empress Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Rattenbury, William HenryAssistant Boots Steward, 1st class38Lost27 Romsey Road, Shirley, Southampton
Read, JTrimmer21Lost3 Nelson Place, Southampton
Reed, Charles SBed Room Steward, 2nd class43Lost140 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Reeves, FFireman31Lost22 Cable Street, Northam, Southampton
Reid, RTrimmer30Lost3 Wickham's Court, Southampton
Revell, William James FrancisSteward, 1st class31Lost102 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Rice, PercySteward, 3rd class19Lost40 Thackeray Road, Portswood, Southampton
Richards, Joseph JamesFireman29Lost25 Summers Street, Northam, Southampton
Rickman, George Albert (Will)Fireman36Lost40 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Ricks, Cyril GeorgeStorekeeper23Lost1 Hanley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Ridout, WSteward, 2nd class29Lost6 Queen Anne's Buildings, Southampton
Rimmer, GilbertSteward, 1st class27Lost50 Cranbury Avenue, Southampton
Roberts, Robert GeorgeFireman35Lost5 Wheeler's Court, Queen Street, Southampton
Roberton, George EdwardSteward, 2nd class19Lost36 Mount Street, Southampton
Robinson, James WilliamSteward, 1st class30LostVine Cottage, Carlisle Road, Shirley, Southampton
Rogers, Edward James WilliamStorekeeper32Lost120 Oxford Avenue, Nicholstown, Southampton
Rous, Arthur JPlumber26Lost18 Radcliffe Road, Northam, Southampton
Rowe, Edward MSteward, 1st class31Lost56 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Rudd, HenryAssistant Storekeeper23Lost20 Chapel Street, Chapel, Southampton
Russell, Boysie RichardSteward, 2nd class16LostAnchor Hotel, Test Lane, Redbridge, Southampton
Rutter, Sidney FrankFireman27Lost8 North Front, Kingsland, Southampton
Ryan, ThomasSteward, 3rd class27Lost87 Albert Road, Chapel, Southampton
Samuel, Owen WilmoreSteward, 2nd class41Lost125 Osborne Road, Portswood, Southampton
Sangster, CharlesFireman32Lost83 Bevois Street, Chapel, Southampton
Saunders, D ESteward, 1st class26Lost29 Albert Road, Chapel, Southampton
Saunders, FFireman22Lost12 Sussex Terrace, Southampton
Saunders, WFireman23Lost136 Edward Street, Chapel, Southampton
Saunders, Walter EdwardTrimmer25Lost1 Southbrook Square, Southampton
Sawyer, Robert JamesWindow Cleaner30Lost25 Bevois Street, Chapel, Southampton
Scott, ArchibaldFireman40Lost3 Lower Ditches (now Canal Walk), Southampton
Scott, JohnAssistant Boots Steward, 1st class21Lost6 Upper Canal Walk, Southampton
Scovell, RobertSteward, 2nd class42Lost141 Foundry Lane, Millbrook, Southampton
Sedunary, Sidney FrancisSecond 3rd Class Steward25Lost34 Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton
Self, Alfred HenryGreaser38Lost75 Romsey Road, Shirley, Southampton
Shea, JohnSteward, 1st class39Lost77 Portsmouth Road, Woolston, Southampton
Shea, ThomasFireman32Lost18 Briton Street, Southampton
Shepherd, JonathanJunior Assistant 2nd Engineer30Lost16 Bellevue Terrace, Southampton
Shillabeer, Charles FrederickTrimmer20Lost21 Nelson Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Siebert, Sidney ConradSteward, 1st class29Lost8 Harold Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Simmons, Frederick CSteward, 1st class27Lost263 Millbrook Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Simmons, WilliamPassenger Cook32Lost2 Thackeray Road, Portswood, Southampton
Skeates, WTrimmer26Lost29 King Street, Southampton
Skinner, EdwardSteward, 1st class33LostCriterion Restaurant, Oxford Street, Southampton
Slight, Harry JohnSteward, 3rd class34Lost48 Bellevue Street, Southampton
Slight, William HLarder Cook35LostHillside, Hillside Avenue, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Sloan, PeterChief Electrician31Lost77a Clovelly Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Small, WilliamLeading Fireman40Lost14 Russell Street, Southampton
Smillie, John (Jack)Steward, 1st class29Lost16 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Smith, Charles Kitchen Porter38Lost35 Grove Street, Chapel, Southampton
Smith, Charles (Charley)Bed Room Steward, 2nd class38LostHollydene, Portsmouth Road, Woolston, Southampton
Smith, Edward JohnCaptain62LostWoodhead, Winn Road, Southampton
Smith, Ernest GeorgeTrimmer26Lost1 St Mary's Buildings, Chapel, Southampton
Smith, FAssistant Pantryman, 1st class20Lost33 Ordnance Road, Southampton
Smith, James MuilJunior 4th Engineer35LostCawdor, Millais Road, Itchen, Southampton
Smith, James WilliamAssistant Baker24Lost5 Sir George's Road, Southampton
Smith, John Richard JagoPostal Clerk35Lost45 Atherley Road, Hill, Southampton
Smith, Robert GSteward, 1st class30Lost46 Stafford Road, Shirley, Southampton
Smith, WilliamAble Seaman26Lost42 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Smither, Henry JamesFireman22Lost1 Ash Tree Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Snellgrove, GFireman40Lost9 Cecil Avenue, Shirley, Southampton
Snooks, WTrimmer26LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Stafford, MichaelGreaser37Lost4 Southbrook Square, Southampton
Stagg, John Henry (Jack)Steward, 1st class37Lost66 Commercial Road, Southampton
Stanbrook, Alfred AugustusFireman30Lost36 York Street, Northam, Southampton
Stebbings, Sydney FrederickChief Boots34Lost25 Richville Road, Shirley, Southampton
Steel, Robert EdwardTrimmer27Lost2 Nelson Street, Chapel, Southampton
Stocker, HTrimmer20Lost Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton
Stone, Edmund JBedroom Steward, 1st class33Lost105 St Andrew's Road, Southampton,
Stone, Edward ThomasBedroom Steward, 2nd class29Lost91 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Stroud, Edward Alfred OrlandoSteward, 2nd class19Lost120 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Stroud, Harry JohnSteward, 1st class33Lost167 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Strugnell, JohnSteward, 1st class30LostScullards Hotel, 71-73 Above Bar Street, Southampton
Stubbings, Harry Robert2nd Class Cook29Lost144 Onslow Road, Southampton
Stubbs, James HenryFireman28Lost11 Spa Gardens, Southampton
Sullivan, SFireman28Lost27 Marsh Lane, Chapel, Southampton
Swan, WBedroom Steward, 1st class46Lost174 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Symonds, JSteward, 1st class38Lost1 Church Street, Shirley, Southampton
Talbot, George FrederickSteward, 3rd class21Lost4, Alpha Villas, Lemon Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Tamlyn, FrederickMess Steward23Lost20 Southampton Street, Southampton
Taylor, CAble Seaman35Lost85 High Street, Southampton
Taylor, CuthbertSteward, 3rd class26LostMrs Stone's Lodging House, 5 Oxford Street, Southampton
Taylor, FFireman42Lost23 Queen Street, Southampton
Taylor, FrederickFireman23Lost94 Manor Road, Itchen, Southampton
Taylor, William JohnSteward, 1st class30Lost42 Morris Road, Polygon, Southampton
Terrell, BertramSeaman22Lost2 Trinity Cottages, North Front, Southampton
Teuton, ThomasSteward, 2nd class32Lost19 Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton
Thomas, JosephFireman25Lost20 Newman Street, Shirley, Southampton
Thompson, Herbert HenryStorekeeper25LostEastwood, Lumsden Avenue, Southampton
Thorley, WilliamAssistant Cook39Lost18 John Street, Southampton
Tietz, CarloKitchen Porter27LostRichmond Tavern, 37 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Tizard, ArthurFireman31Lost23 Lower York Street, Northam, Southampton
Topp, Thomas2nd Butcher28Lost89 Milton Road, Polygon, Southampton
Toshack, JamesSteward, 1st class31Lost163 Malmesbury Road, Shirley, Southampton
Tozer, JamesGreaser30Lost6 Challis Court, Southampton
Turley, RichardFireman35LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Turner, LSteward, 1st class28Lost19 Terminus Terrace, Southampton
Veal, ArthurGreaser34LostAlberta, 15 Imperial Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton
Veal, Thomas Henry EdomSteward, 1st class38Lost20 Forster Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Vear, HenryFireman32Lost2 Spa Gardens, Southampton
Vear, WilliamFireman33Lost2 Spa Gardens, Southampton
Wake, PercyAssistant Baker37Lost2 Gloucester Passage, Southampton
Wallis, Catherine JaneMatron, 2nd class35Lost23 St Mary's Place, Chapel, Southampton
Walpole, JamesChief Pantryman Steward, 1st class48Lost12 Stafford Road, Southampton
Walsh, KatherineStewardess, 1st class32Lost57 Church Road, Southampton
Ward, EdwardBedroom Steward, 1st class34Lost6 Richmond Terrace, Southampton
Ward, JLeading Fireman31Lost22 James Street, Chapel, Southampton
Ward, Percy ThomasBedroom Steward, 1st class38Lost36 Richville Road, Shirley, Southampton
Wardner, Frederick AlbertFireman39Lost42 Endle Street, Chapel, Southampton
Wareham, Robert ArthurBedroom Steward, 1st class36Lost46 Park Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Wateridge, Edward LewisFireman25LostRoseland Cottage, Redbridge Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Watson, WFireman27Lost13 York Street, Northam, Southampton
Weatherstone, Thomas HerbertSteward, 1st class24Lost5 Kenilworth Road, Southampton
Webb, Brooke HoldingSmoke Room Steward, 1st class50LostModewena, 33 Hanley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Webb, STrimmer28LostSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Webber, Francis Albert (Frank)Leading Fireman31Lost49 Avenue Road (now Radstock Road), Itchen, Southampton
Welch, HAssistant Cook23LostNorth Haven, Bond Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
White, Frank LeonardTrimmer28Lost14 Northbrook Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
White, JGlory Hole Steward, 3rd class27Lost41 Thackeray Road, Portswood, Southampton
White, Leonard Lisle OliverSteward, 1st class32Lost248 Romsey Road, Shirley, Southampton
Whitford, Alfred HenrySteward, 2nd class39Lost33 Richmond Street, Southampton
Williams, Samuel SolomonFireman26Lost5 Canal Walk, Southampton
Williamson, James BertramPostal Clerk35Lost93 Clovelly Road, Southampton
Willis, WSteward, 3rd class46Lost59 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Wilson, BertieSenior Assistant 2nd Engineer28Lost40 Richmond Road, Shirley, Southampton
Wilton, WilliamTrimmer45Lost5 Queen Street, Southampton
Willsher, William AudreyAssistant Butcher33Lost8 Britannia Road, Northam, Southampton
Witt, Harry DennisFireman39Lost28 College Street, Southampton
Wittman, HenryBedroom Steward, 1st class34Lost12 Richville Road, Shirley, Southampton
Wood, HenryTrimmer30Lost St Michael's House, Southampton
Woodford, FrederickGreaser40Lost14 Clovelly Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Woody, Oscar ScottPostal Clerk44Lost13-14, Parker's Hotel, Terminus Terrace, Southampton
Wormald, Frederick HenrySteward, 1st class36Lost5 Testwood Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Wrapson, Frederick BernardAssistant Pantryman, 1st class19Lost33 Southampton Street, Southampton
Wyeth, JamesFireman25Lost14 Millbank Street, Northam, Southampton
Young, FrankFireman30Lost28 Russell Street, Southampton
Zarrachi, LWine Butler26LostInternational Stewards' Club, 9 Orchard Place, Southampton


NameJobAge FateAddress in 1912
Allen, Ernest FrederickTrimmer24Saved9 Short Street, Chapel, Southampton
Anderson, JamesAble Seaman26Saved1 Cosens Court, Southampton
Andrews, Charles EdwardAssistant Steward, 2nd class19Saved134 or 145 Millbrook Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Archer, Ernest EdwardAble Seaman36Saved59 Porchester Road, Woolston, Southampton
Avery, JamesTrimmer22Saved122 Hill Lane, Southampton
Baggott, Allen MardonSteward, 1st Class27Saved106 Park Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Bailey, Joseph HenryMaster At Arms43Saved377 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton
Ball, PercyPlate Steward, 1st class19Saved7 Windsor Terrace, Southampton
Barrett, FrederickLeading Fireman28Saved24 King Street, Southampton
Beauchamp, George WilliamFireman24Saved Redbridge Road, Redbridge, Southampton
Bennett, MabelStewardess, 1st class30Saved22 Cranbury Avenue, Southampton
Binstead, WTrimmer20Saved49 Endle Street, Chapel, Southampton
Blake, PTrimmer22Saved2 Floating Bridge Road, Chapel, Southampton
Brice, WalterAble Seaman42Saved11 Lower Canal Walk, Southampton
Bride, Harold SidneyAssistant Telegraphist25SavedBannister's Hotel, 25-27 Queen's Terrace, Southampton
Bright, Arthur JohnQuartermaster40Saved105 Fir Grove (now Firgrove) Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Buley, Edward JohnAble Seaman27Saved10 Cliff Road (now Wharncliffe Road), Itchen, Southampton
Burgess, Charles ReginaldExtra 3rd Baker20Saved65 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton,
Burke, WilliamSecond Saloon Steward, 1st class31Saved57 Bridge Road (now part of Bernard Street), Southampton
Burrage, Arthur Victor EdwardPlate Steward, 2nd class20Saved9 Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton
Cavell, George HenryTrimmer22Saved140 South-East Road, Sholing, Southampton
Chapman, Joseph CharlesBoots steward, 2nd class30Saved31 Bellevue Road, Southampton
Clark, WilliamFireman39Saved30 Paget Street, Chapel, Southampton
Clench, FrederickAble Seaman34Saved10, The Flats, Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton
Colgan, JosephScullion33Saved27 West Street, Southampton
Collins, SamuelFireman35SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Coombes, GeorgeFireman34Saved45 Coleman Street, Chapel, Southampton
Couper, RobertFireman30Saved101 Duke's Road, St Denys, Southampton
Crafter, FrederickSteward, 1st class27Saved143 Albert Road, Chapel, Southampton
Crawford, AlfredBedroom Steward, 1st class36Saved22 Cranbury Avenue, Southampton
Crimmins, JamesFireman21Saved7 King Street, Southampton
Crowe, George FrederickSaloon Steward, 1st class30Saved89 Milton Road, Polygon, Southampton
Cunningham, AndrewStateroom Steward, 1st class35Saved60 Charlton Road, Shirley, Southampton
Daniels, Sidney EdwardSteward, 3rd class21Saved119 Albert Road, Chapel, Southampton
Diaper, JohnFireman24Saved102 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Dilley, John Arthur ChristopherFireman30Saved44 Threefield Lane, Southampton
Dillon, Thomas PatrickTrimmer34SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Doel, Frederick OliveFireman22Saved20 Richmond Street, Southampton
Dore, AlbertTrimmer22Saved9 Mount Street, Southampton
Dymond, FrankFireman35Saved2 Farmer's Court, Kingsland, Southampton
Ellis, John BertramAssistant Vegetable Cook30Saved30 Duke's Road, St Denys, Southampton
Etches, Henry SamuelBedroom Steward, 1st class41Saved23a Gordon Avenue, Portswood, Southampton
Evans, Alfred FrankLookout24Saved20 Deal Street, Chapel, Southampton
Evans, Frank OliverAble Seaman27SavedSalvation Army Home for Working Men, 14 Bond Street, Northam, Southampton
Faulkner, William StephenBedroom Steward, 1st class37Saved16 Romsey Road, Shirley, Southampton
Fitzpatrick, C WilliamMess Steward21Saved93 Millbrook Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Flarty, EFireman43Saved21 Standford Street, Chapel, Southampton
Fleet, FrederickLookout25Saved9 Norman Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Foley, JohnStorekeeper44Saved2 Queen's Road, Shirley, Southampton
Foley, Wifred CyrilSteward, 3rd class26Saved15 Anderson's Road, Chapel, Southampton
Forward, JamesAble Seaman28SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Fredericks, Walter FrancisTrimmer20Saved6 Elm Road, Chapel, Southampton
Fryer, Albert ErnestTrimmer26Saved1 China Court, Charlotte Street, Southampton
Godley, GFireman34Saved17 Mount Street, Southampton
Gold, KateStewardess, 1st class42SavedGlenthorn, Winchester Road, Bassett, Southampton
Gregson, MaryStewardess, 1st class40Saved28 Lawn Road, Southampton
Haggan, JohnFireman35SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Haines, Albert MBoatswain's Mate30Saved42 Grove Street, Chapel, Southampton
Halford, RichardSteward, 3rd class22Saved2 Latimer Street, Southampton
Harder, William (Bill)Window Cleaner39Saved46 Winton Street, Kingsland, Southampton
Hardwick, ReginaldKitchen Porter21Saved4 Heysham Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Hardy, JohnChief Second Class Steward37SavedOakleigh, Holy Rood Avenue, Highfield, Southampton
Harrison, Aragon DSteward, 1st class40Saved131 Oakley Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Hart, John EdwardSteward, 3rd class31SavedAberdeen, Foundry Lane, Millbrook, Southampton
Hartnell, FredSteward, 1st class21Saved25 Harcourt Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Hebb, William AlbertTrimmer20Saved5 Bells Court, Southampton
Hemming, Samuel ErnestLamp Trimmer40Saved51 Kingsley Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Hendrickson, CharlesLeading Fireman32Saved255 Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Hitchens, RobertQuartermaster29Saved43 James Street, Chapel, Southampton
Hogg, George AlfredLookout27Saved44 High Street, Southampton
Horswill, Albert Edward JamesAble Seaman30Saved44 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Humphrys, Sidney JamesQuartermaster48Saved113 Duke's Road, St Denys, Southampton
Hunt, Alfred Sylvanus (Ginger)Trimmer22Saved1 French Street, Southampton
Hurst, Walter (Wally)Fireman27Saved12 Chapel Road, Chapel, Southampton
Hyland, Leo JamesSteward, 3rd class19Saved55 Orchard Place, Southampton
Jewell, ArchieLookout23Saved32 College Street, Southampton
Johnson, JamesSteward, 1st class41SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Jones, Thomas WilliamAble Seaman32SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Joughin, Charles JohnChief Baker33SavedElmhurst, Leighton Road (now St Edmund's Road), Shirley, Southampton
Judd, Charles EdwardFireman30Saved98 Derby Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Kasper, Franz WilhelmFireman40Saved6 Brunswick Square, Southampton
Keen, PSteward, 1st class28Saved14 Rigby Road, Portswood, Southampton
Kemish, GeorgeFireman24Saved238 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Knight, GeorgeSteward, 1st class44Saved45 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton
Lee, Reginald RobinsonLookout41Saved62 Threefield Lane, Southampton
Lewis, Arthur Ernest ReadSteward, 3rd class27Saved99 Radcliffe Road, Northam, Southampton
Lindsay, William CharlesFireman30Saved3 Coleman Street, Chapel, Southampton
Littlejohn, Alexander JamesSteward, 1st class36Saved11 Western Terrace, Chapel, Southampton
Lucas, William ArthurAble Seaman26Saved2 Corporation Flats, Simnel Street, Southampton
Lucas, William WatsonSteward, 1st class30Saved3 Cardigan Terrace, Southampton
Mackay, Charles DonaldSteward, 1st class32Saved18 Milton Road, Polygon, Southampton
Major, William JamesFireman31Saved4 Oriental Terrace, Southampton
Marsden, EvelynStewardess, 1st class27Saved7 West Marlands Terrace, Southampton
Mason, Frank Archibald RobertFireman32Saved30a Waverley Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Maynard, Isaac HiramEntrée Cook30Saved31 Earl's Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Mayzes, Thomas JubileeFireman24Saved8 Commercial Street, Bitterne, Southampton
McGann, JamesTrimmer26Saved18 St George's Place, Southampton
McGough, George Francis (Paddy)Able Seaman25Saved8 or 15 St George's Street, Southampton
McIntyre, WilliamTrimmer21Saved20 Floating Bridge Road, Chapel, Southampton
McLaren, H (Mrs)Stewardess, 1st class40Saved9 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
McMicken, ArthurSteward, 1st class26Saved53 Suffolk Avenue, Freemantle, Southampton
Mills, ChristopherAssistant Butcher50Saved94 Albert Road, Chapel, Southampton
Moore, George AlfredAble Seaman32Saved51 Graham Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Moore, JohnFireman30Saved64 Arthur Road, Shirley, Southampton
Morris, Frank HerbertBath Steward, 1st class28Saved5 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Murdock, William JohnFireman34SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Neal, HenryAssistant Baker25Saved13 Cliff Road (now Wharncliffe Road), Itchen, Southampton
Nichols, Walter HenryAssistant Saloon Steward, 2nd class34 or 35Saved40 Kent Road, Portswood, Southampton
Noss, HenryFireman30Saved12 or 40 Back Lane, Itchen, Southampton
Nutbean, WilliamFireman30SavedSportsman's Arms, Bargate Street, Southampton
O'Connor, JohnTrimmer25Saved9 Tower Place, Bargate Street, Southampton
Oliver, HenryFireman32Saved15 Nichols Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Olliver, AlfredQuartermaster27Saved38 Anderson's Road, Chapel, Southampton
Osman, FrankAble Seaman28Saved43 High Street, Itchen, Southampton
Othen, Charles EdwardFireman35Saved6 Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Pascoe, Charles H.Able Seaman42Saved68 High Street, Southampton
Pearce, JFireman28Saved14 Drummond Road, Itchen, Southampton
Pearcey, AlbertPantry Steward, 3rd Class32Saved23 Kent Road, Portswood, Southampton
Pelham, GeorgeTrimmer37SavedSailors' Home, Oxford Street, Southampton
Perkis, Walter JohnQuartermaster36SavedHarnham, 2 Victoria Road (now Chatsworth Road), Bitterne, Southampton
Perry, Edgar LionelTrimmer19Saved3 Ryde Terrace, Chapel, Southampton
Peters, William ChapmanAble Seaman27Saved114 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton
Pfropper, RSteward, 2nd class30Saved8 Washington Terrace, Southampton
Phillimore, Harold Charles WilliamSteward, 2nd class23Saved72 Priory Road, St Denys, Southampton
Podesta, John Alexander (Jack)Fireman24 or 25Saved31 Chantry Road, Chapel, Southampton
Poingdestre, John ThomasAble Seaman32Saved4 Elm Road, Chapel, Southampton
Port, FrankSteward, 3rd class22SavedRockbourne, Foundry Lane, Millbrook, Southampton
Prangnell, GeorgeGreaser33Saved3 Brewhouse Court, Southampton
Prentice, Frank WinnoldStorekeeper23Saved71 Denzil Avenue, Nicholstown, Southampton
Priest, Arthur JohnFireman24Saved27 Lower Canal Walk, Southampton
Prior, Harold JSteward, 3rd class22Saved48 Padwell Road, Southampton
Pugh, AlfredSteward, 3rd class20Saved72 Orchard Lane, Southampton
Ranger, ThomasGreaser30Saved81 Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton
Rice, CharlesFireman32Saved12 Oriental Terrace, Southampton
Robinson, AnnieStewardess, 1st class40Saved128 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Ross, Horace LeopoldScullion36Saved70 Inkerman Road, Woolston, Southampton
Rule, SamuelBathroom Steward50Saved81 Atherley Road, Hill, Southampton
Savage, Charles JamesSteward, 3rd class23Saved8 Harold Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Scarrott, Joseph GeorgeAble Seaman34Saved36 Albert Road, Chapel, Southampton
Scott, Frederick William (Fred)Greaser28Saved107 Clifford Street, Chapel, Southampton
Self, EdwardTrimmer23Saved3 Kingsley Road, Millbrook, Southampton
Seward, Wilfred DeableChief Pantryman, 2nd Class 25Saved5 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
Sheath, Frederick (Toby)Trimmer20Saved12 Bell Street, Southampton
Shiers, Alfred CharlesFireman24Saved5 Peel Street, Northam, Southampton
Simmons, Alfred AndrewScullion30Saved80 Bevois Valley Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Smith, Katherine E.Stewardess, 1st class42SavedBalmoral, Cobbett Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Snow, EustaceTrimmer20Saved21 Lower Canal Walk, Southampton
Sparkman, HFireman30Saved Spring Road, Sholing, Southampton
Stewart, JohnVerandah Steward, 1st class27Saved7 Earl's Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Street, Thomas AlbertFireman25Saved10 Crown Street, Shirley, Southampton
Taylor, JamesFireman25Saved25 Russell Street, Southampton
Taylor, William HenryFireman26Saved2 Broad Street, Kingsland, Southampton
Terrell, Frank (Wally)Steward, 2nd class26Saved5 Grove Street, Chapel, Southampton
Theissinger, AlfredBedroom Steward, 1st class38Saved102 French Street, Southampton
Thomas, Albert CharlesSteward, 1st class23Saved11 Brunswick Place, Southampton
Thomas, Benjamin JamesSteward, 1st class32Saved22 Avenue Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton
Thompson, John WilliamFireman42Saved2 Broad Street, Kingsland, Southampton
Thresher, George TerrillFireman25Saved36 Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton
Toms, FSteward, 1st class31SavedAllandale, Hillside Avenue, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Triggs, RobertFireman40Saved3 Canal Walk, Southampton
Vigott, Philip FrancisAble Seaman32Saved2 Windsor Terrace, Southampton
Ward, WilliamSteward, 1st class36SavedOak Villa, 107 Millbrook Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Weikman, AugustusBarber, 3rd class51SavedIvybank, Dyer Road, Freemantle, Southampton
Weller, William Henry LionelAble Seaman29SavedHolyrood House, Winkle Street, Southampton
Wheat, Joseph ThomasAssistant Second Steward, 1st class29Saved14 Cobden Gardens, Bitterne Park, Southampton
Wheelton, Edneser EdwardSteward, 1st class27SavedNorwood House, Bellemoor Road, Shirley, Southampton
White, AlfredGreaser35Saved3 Southampton Place, Southampton
White, William GeorgeTrimmer23Saved9 Coburg Street, Northam, Southampton
Widgery, JamesBath Steward, 2nd class37SavedHooper's Temperance Hotel, 66-7 Oxford Street, Southampton
Williams, Walter JohnSteward, 2nd class29Saved52 Northumberland Road, Nicholstown, Southampton
Windebank, Alfred EdgarAssistant Cook38Saved8 Wyndham Place, Southampton
Witter, James William Charles CheethamSmoke Room Steward, 2nd class31Saved56 Porchester Road, Woolston, Southampton
Wright, WilliamGlory Hole Steward, 3rd class40Saved9 Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton
Wynn, WalterQuartermaster41Saved81 Church Street, Shirley, Southampton
Yearsley, HenrySteward, 1st class40Saved6 Gloucester Passage, Southampton