Daily Echo: Titanic - The Southampton Story

Daily Echo: Titanic in Southampton

The scale of the impact the Titanic disaster had upon Southampton cannot be stressed enough.

Four in every five members of the crew came from Southampton, with over 500 perishing in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here is a map showing the locations of all the crew members' given addresses across Southampton.

Clicking on a marker will bring up details about the individual represented.

The markers do not pinpoint individual buildings, but rather roads and streets. Where there are a number of markers on the same street, they are spread out to clearly show up.

The map was put together using a number of sources, including the Southampton crew list from Southampton City Council, the 1910 Ordnance Survey map, the 1912 Kelly's Directory.

The map was created by Dan Kerins. If you spot something on this map you believe to be incorrect, please send an email to dan.kerins@dailyecho.co.uk.

Titanic Crew Map

Red markers - victims
Blue markers - survivors