Titanic Commemoration Speeches

During the Titanic commemorations, television presenter Fred Dinenage - who had a relative on board Titanic - read a number of short pieces out outlining the impact the Titanic disaster had on Southampton, as well as painting a vivid picture of the world inhabited by the passengers and crew of the vessel.

The speeches reflected the moods and emotions felt by many in 1912, from the elation and excitment of seeing the world's grandest vessel to the heartbreak and despair of the sinking.

These scripts were written by David Meikle, from Twyford. David is a freelance script writer for ITV and a lifelong Titanic enthusiast.

You can find out more information about David at his website - cleverwriting.co.uk.

1. The Voyage Begins
2. Luxury At Sea
3. A Lower Class
4. The Final Dinner
5. Iceberg Ahead – The Missing Key
6. The Band Played On
7. The Engineers
8. A Human Tragedy
9. A City in Mourning
10. Asleep on the Ocean Bed