By Property Bee

Buying and selling a house for many people is the most important financial transaction you will undertake.

In recent years there has been in shift in the way which the housing market is operated. We know the traditional estate agent well, the local person who knows everyone, the local office you can pop in to and discuss your interests; but the traditional agent is now in competition with a faceless online agent. While this war rages, a middle man is emerging, the ‘Hybrid Estate Agents’ has crept in quietly but is taking the market by storm.

A hybrid estate agent combines the best parts of both the traditional and the online estate agencies. They are able to list your property on the major property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, whilst also having a local office and representative who can provide you with the communication and service level that you deserve through such an important process. The hybrid agents also provide the support you would get from a traditional estate agent – such as conducting property viewings and providing property valuation.

Studies show that over 90% of home buyers rely on the internet to conduct their research and look at property listings, so having your property professionally listed on these sites is a vital element in the sale of your home and reaching a wider target market. In contrast to this, of property sales that are conducted solely online over a third of them fall through before completion.

The hybrid estate agent therefore provides consumers with the best of both worlds – competitive internet pricing and online technology to monitor your property, alongside a local agent who knows the property values and buyers’ needs with expertise you can trust.

The increasing popularity of the hybrid agent is largely reflective of the increasing digital focus of today’s world. Being able to market your property digitally to someone at the other end of the country is immensely appealing for both parties. The house hunting can be condensed from intensive weekends into relaxed evening on your sofa flicking through online listings, and having the ability to still pick up the phone and call the estate agent is the icing on the cake.