JONATHAN Pie, the frustrated news reporter whose videos have been seen across the world, is embarking on his second major national tour with his brand new live show Jonathan Pie: Back To The Studio.

Jonathan Pie is the creation of Tom Walker and has been described as ‘the most important satirical creation since Partridge’ (Rory Bremner).

With over 900k Facebook followers, his weekly videos regularly achieve millions of views. His response to the election of Donald Trump was viewed more than 120 million times world wide.

Jonathan's debut live show last year began at the 70 seater Leicester Square Theatre studio space and was such a hit that it went on to a sell out run at Edinburgh, followed by a huge national tour including two sell out shows at the Shepherds Bush Empire and ending with another sold out show at the London Palladium.

A work in progress of the second tour will run at Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham on Thursday before the show proper plays Southampton's 02 Guildhall on March 16.

Tom Walker, the man behind Jonathan Pie, said: "The moment the cameras stop rolling he can’t help but rant about the state of the world…and he is quite fond of what some might call ‘colourful’ language.

"I had been an actor for 15 years and had been out of work for most it. I was very frustrated myself and I felt I needed to do something to keep me sane. I’d had this character in my head for a few years but had never done anything with it. I just wondered what real news reporters do when the camera stops rolling. The politics was secondary at the start. Now it’s front and centre of almost everything I do.

"What’s great about a live show is you have much more time to explore ideas. So, it’s great to play with the audience’s expectations. It’d be too easy to stand there for an hour and hurl insults at Trump or the Tories. Trust me I’ll being doing a lot of that but I also like to challenge the audience. Hold a mirror up to them and show that us lefties don’t always get it right either.

"To the younger generation Pie’s brand of angry political satire seems new and original. But if you go back to the Thatcher years this sort of thing was mainstream which is why the older generations really get it and love it also. So, to some its brand new and original and to others it’s old and familiar. Like an old blanket."

Tickets: 01329 223100 or (Fareham) and 023 8063 2601 or (Southampton).