This wonderful show gives you the bizarre out-of-time illusion that you’re actually watching the legendary double-act Morecambe and Wise live in the theatre.

Superb performers Jonty Stephens and Ian Ashpitel deliver magnificently convincing impressions of one of Britain’s best-loved double-acts Morecambe & Wise, who regularly attracted over 20million viewers to their popular TV shows during the 1960s and 70s.

They look and sound uncannily like Eric and Ernie, from “Morecambe” jiggling his spectacles and lovingly slapping his partner on the face, to “Wise” modestly bragging about the latest play “what he wrote”.

Their comic material may be old-fashioned, innocent and repetitive, but it’s endearing, occasionally hilarious, and never offensive with gratuitous obscenities.

Their gentle well-crafted musical patter includes Positive Thinking, Following You Around, and their iconic show-stopping Bring Me Sunshine.

Absolutely outstanding in this affectionate homage to comic genius is Grieg’s shambolic piano concerto, “Mr Memory” and his music hall attempts to remember (“Arsenal!”), and Eric’s paper bag gag.

As guest vocalist, Becky Neale delivers a moving version of Send In The Clowns (with Eric and Ernie blowing up giant balloons behind her) and a powerfully soulful Son Of A Preacher Man.

Ashpitel and Stephens have immaculate comic timing, and replicate Morecambe and Wise’s innocent humour with respectful affection.

Currently touring the UK, this fantastic show visits Poole Lighthouse Saturday June 9. If you were a fan of Eric and Ernie, don’t miss it!

Brendan McCusker