Interview by Hilary Porter

DANNY Baker is back on tour and it seems he is more surprised about this fact than anyone.

Set to visit Southampton O2 Guildhall on Saturday, the tour follows his critically acclaimed Cradle To The Stage show last year, which played more than 50 UK dates.

The new tour Good Time Charlie’s Back! will be another epic but Danny told the Daily Echo:

"There was no contingency to do one tour let alone two but it was such a hit. I was trying not to work at all because I turned 60 last year. So I did The Jungle [ITV reality show I'm a Celebrity] and that was it! I've been doing this for 40 years and I had books out and was doing signing in Waterstones and found I was doing half an hour talking to people so I thought well maybe I should do a couple of shows in London and that became a tour of 50 or 60 shows everywhere from Barrow to the Isle of Wight."

Danny is a prolific broadcaster and writer who has worked throughout print, television and radio for over 30 years. His recent bestselling autobiographies were adapted into the hit BBC series Cradle to Grave. He can be heard Saturdays mornings with his multi award winning BBC Radio 5 Live show which includes his usual mixture of music, sport, guests and, of course, Danny’s signature encyclopaedic wit.

Cramming such a full and interesting life into one autobiographical stage show last time proved impossible.

"I was supposed to go through my life but I only got as far as 14. The audiences were fabulous but my wife was tapping her feet as that plan to retire to Florida Keys went out the window.

"God knows I try to do as little as possible. I did a kids' book last year and the publisher asked for more books.

I'm not someone who wants to be on games shows but approaching 60 and finding myself working as a turn was amazing. I've written for so many people and never wanted to do it myself but last year was such a fantastic night out.

I had 40 photographs planned to show through the show last time but I only got through seven. There was no structure and and that's the plan. I'd had 40 years of having worked with everyone from Tommy Cooper and the Sex Pistols to Michael Jackson and the Royal Family but I only got as far as 14!

It's a night where there's no message. I go on for two or three hours and the audience have a good laugh. It was just a hoot but I realised I hadn't got as far as starting my first job with NME."

Danny says his dad will feature heavily on this tour.

"This time in Southampton will probably include the story of my dad at his brother's funeral. I will have 60 bullet points to cover and it will be an unstoppable flow of nonsense and indiscretions where my dad seems to dominate! These are absolute volcanic evenings. I walk from side to side and did seven miles in one show! I didn't mean for it to go on for three hours but nobody ever left - you can judge when an audience is restless.

"People can text me and ask questions like 'What did your dad make of you being in showbusiness' and I tell them stories such as the one about him trying to kill Harry Enfield, or the one about when I was in Led Zeppelin for 35 minutes!"

Other local dates are: Friday, June 8, The Anvil, Basingstoke; Saturday June 9. Shanklin Theatre, and Wednesday July 18, Salisbury City Hall.

"The stories are unpredictable and I know how to tell a good story. It is a case of buckle up and I even surprise myself: I don't want to frighten people but my record was three hours and 35 minutes in Brighton. Now Doddy has gone someone has to pick up the mantle!And then I meet people after the show for almost two hours but I have to stop because of getting fined by the theatres. I think if you go and see someone in a show it's great to meet them afterwards."