Richard Harris’ utterly gripping play Dead Guilty is running for this week (Thursday August 23 – Tuesday August 28) at 7.30 each evening in this wonderfully atmospheric old Shelley Theatre.

This is the fourth consecutive thriller we’ve enjoyed in this tremendous summer season by this entertaining company – from the intriguing opening drama The Murder Game by Constance Cox, with its tight taut tension-crackling script, through the labyrinthine JB Priestley’s explosive Dangerous Corner, and last week’s outstandingly enjoyable Francis Durbridge’s shockingly delicious twister Suddenly At Home, to the latest study of guilt and obsession ... Dead Guilty.

This is a powerful revenge thriller that will hook you in the first few lines, grab your attention while the intriguing storyline develops, and hold you spellbound until the final shocking scene.

Julia is confined to a wheelchair and housebound after a tragic road accident which kills the driver – with whom she’s been enjoying a passionate affair.

But his wife Margaret knew about it and decides to exact a long, detailed and excruciating revenge.

The acting quality is utterly superb, particularly from Al Wadlan as the convincing handyman Gary, but especially from Victoria Porter and Kirsty Cox as the warring women.

Next summer season, the multi-talented London Repertory Players – under the creative and dynamic guidance of Producer/Director Vernon Thompson, will return to the Shelley Theatre for another summer of dramatic delights – at least five productions, and there’s a whisper about another Francis Durbridge production ... looking forward to it already!

Brendan McCusker