THIS stage show is a sweet adaptation of the much-loved children’s bedtime story, rolled into the spin-off books about the seasons, the I Love You All Year Round collection, which also feature Big and Little Nutbrown Hare.

The show is advertised as being suitable for children aged three and up but it was a great first theatre experience for my two-year-old, who was totally enthralled, whilst my four-year-old also enjoyed it.

It is 50 minutes long and features the two hares in lovely costumes and a narrator/singer who also plays the part of the seasons, for instance, wiggling a tadpole puppet around the stage in ‘spring’, and throwing leaves in ‘autumn’.

The show takes us through the seasons, with each scene ending with the pair going to bed and sharing how much they love each other, building up to the well-known final line of the book and show, ‘I love you right to the moon - and back.’

The show features lots of songs about the seasons, which the audience is encouraged to join in with.

Guess How Much I Love you is very engaging, thanks largely to the three cast members, particularly the narrator, who was key in drawing in the audience and setting playful tone.

I really liked the staging and the fact that the hare costumes were so realistic, as I’ve found costumes that rely more on suggestion can be a bit confusing and off-putting for younger children, who don’t always ‘get’ it.

The show is definitely recommended for fans of the books, or anyone who wants to introduce younger children to the theatre.