“LEGEND has more currency than gold.” The world is made up of the stories we tell ourselves and others.

And the reworking of this ancient myth proves to be the perfect vehicle for a contemporary tale.

BULLISH by Milk Presents is the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur retold by four trans actors.

Deconstructing the very essence of “taurean” masculinity it’s an illuminating tale of the transgender experience.

Created by Lucy Skilbeck and performed by Krishna Istha, Cairo Nevitt, Lucy Jane Parkinson and Amelia Stubberfield it’s a two night only show at the NST City.

But if only it had a longer run!

The writing is fantastic, the actors excellent and the concept the perfect vehicle for exploring identity construction.

Writer Lucy Skilbeck said: “The Minotaur exists in the spaces in-between – residing not above ground but not too far below, a being part bull, part person and it is this slipper in-between state that first drew me to the myth of the Minotaur as a way of exploring trans-gender identity.”

Using the every-day and believable trope of being bullied on a bus the actors get right into audience’s lap - forcing us to come face-to-face with our own attitudes.

A mum in a ragged old cardigan coming to terms with her trans child’s identity brings in plenty of pathos – while her lines are woven with clever metaphors of wool, the snags in a relationship and using a ball of string to find your home.

Theseus’ entrance onto the stage is nothing short of genius – and even has the theatre staff tricked.

There are songs in there too – but the writing and acting are far superior. There’s some cracking disco choreography in there though, and the lighting is great.

I took my 70 year-old mum, and she loved it too. You can’t say that’s not playing to a diverse audience.

The whole team identify as trans or non-binary (neither male or female, or both).

It finishes tonight at NST City.