By Georgia Jackson

Hundreds of fans flocked to The O2 Southampton Guildhall to see the goth pop sensation Pale Waves perform their debut album My Mind Makes Noises.

The crowd was filled with an eclectic mix of fans of all ages.

Young groups of teens, as well as families, and couples were all in attendance.

After the support act Swimming Girls finished their set the venue quickly filled.

As the quartet appeared on stage they were greeted by fans with a wave of cheers and the stage was flooded with red lights.

The atmosphere in the venue rocketed as they broke into their first song ‘Television Romance.’

With a heavenly chorus and whirling guitar riffs, the song instantly got the crowd dancing .

The tracks from the album are all consistent in sound.

Despite their angsty lyrics, they all are upbeat and have a melodious rhythm.

Heather Baron Gracie who fronts the quartet had an immediate connection with the audience, her infectious energy kept the enthusiasm alive throughout the gig.

Her puppet dance moves also clearly resonated with fans who were mimicking them throughout the show.

Despite being in the infancy of their musical career, the band's presence on stage was confident and slick.

The band formed in 2014 and secured their first record deal in 2017 with Dirty Hit who also manage The 1975 and Wolf Alice.

The gig was at its height when the crowd were chanting for the band to come back on stage and perform their encore song ‘My Obsession.’

Fans jumped up and down, singing their hearts out as the band finished up the night with ‘There’s a Honey.’

Heather threw Ciara Doran’s drums sticks into the crowd and touched the hands of some of the screaming fans in the front row.

Heather truly was the stand out performer of the foursome.

Her presence was so strong that at times it seemed like there was no one else on stage and that it was just her gig.