By Simon Tytherleigh

WE all saw it: HRH Elizabeth II beating the prone figure of Donald Trump – or in this case, all-round American baddy, ‘Donald Trumpet’ – round the head with her handbag.

Or at least, the entire village hall audience saw it, at the Cheriton Players’ latest offering, the surreal and exceedingly funny Diamonds are for Trevor.

Known for their ambitious productions and ability to very much ‘punch above their weight’ as a local drama group, the Players’ part-film, part-play production was new territory which groups of twice their size might have shied away from.

Under Helena Gomm’s able direction and with her updates to Simon Tytherliegh’s original story, the cast appear both in person and via interspersed and interconnected filmed sections, appearing in multiple places, at different times, and in different conditions.

The show featured some wonderful Hampshire locations, including the Winchester Science Centre masquerading as Donald Trumpet’s secret lair and Gatley’s Pet Centre, Liss, featuring as, well, the bottom of the sea.

Diamonds are for Trevor centred around the hapless brother of 007, Trevor (Charlie Hellard, suitably innocent and Jonny English-esque), who becomes embroiled in a dastardly plot by Donald Trumpet (a hilarious Mike Cornter) and Vladimir Putitov to kidnap the Queen (Pauline Cornter / Jan Conway), steal the Koh-i-Noor diamond, install Putitov on the British throne and laser cut both Ireland and South America away.

There were doppelgangers, dog poo and dunce caps. Hilarity and mayhem was guaranteed.