THE greatest chronicler of Winchester street life has produced a second volume of his diaries.

Marvin B Naylor’s Diary of a Busker, Volume 2, Strawberry Tea tells the stories of Marvin’s busking on the High Street since he was sacked from, his rock and roll band in 2010.

He writes of the variety of people he meets, some nice, some not so, some eccentric others malign, and all the background of Marvin’s peerless playing of the theme from The Third Man, the 1960 Chet Atkins one.

Marvin has the ear to capture the language and paints colourful vignettes on life amid the hustle and bustle of the city centre

The blurb quotes a Hampshire Chronicle reviewer’s observation of the first volume: “It’s like a travelogue, except one where the protagonist does not move from his little camping seat but the whole world comes to him.”

The first volume, was published in January last year covering Marvin’s first 100 days on the street. The second, out within 12 months following the success of the first, stretches to February 2011.

At this rate Marvin will reach 2020 in around ten years’ time.

l Diary of a Busker, Volume 2: Strawberry Tea is published by Skylight Press.