AN AWARD-winning folk singer is bringing music fans from across the world into her little Hampshire cottage with her weekly Facebook live concerts.

Ange Takats, who lives in Goodworth Clatford, has been using her spare room to host free online performances. She has had fans from Kathmandu, Luang Prabang, Australia, Budapest and Bangkok tune in.

Ange said: "There's so much uncertainty and worry in the world right now. I want to make people smile and take their mind off things.

"It’s beautiful to be able to bring people together with my music – from those living by the seaside in Queensland, to those based near the highest mountains in the world in Nepal – and provide some relief during troubling times."

Born in Australia, Ange has spent many years performing at festivals around the world including Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Jazzmandu Festival in Nepal and Liederfestival in Germany.

She never planned on bringing her fans into her home in the English countryside but the pandemic has inspired her to sing.

Much of Ange’s life has involved adventures aboard. She has worked as a foreign correspondent in Bangkok, worked for a bear rescue centre in a remote town in Northern Laos, spent time writing songs in the Himalayas, performed at hippie bars in Barcelona and somehow managed to find her way to England where she now lives with her British husband.

“I can’t say I ever planned on moving to the UK but love causes life to take interesting twists and turns," said Ange.

"I live in such a peaceful, beautiful village – and it’s lovely to be able to share that tranquillity with those who are tuning in."

Ange is streaming every Sunday at 11am.

"I want these concerts to be a Covid-19-free zone, where people can relax on a Sunday by listening to folk songs and a few of my travel tales before bed," she added.

See her gigs here: