IT HAS already been compared to a multi-storey car park, a cable car station and a Second World War gun emplacement.

Now the design of a proposed new cafe-bar complex on the Hampshire coastline has been described as a cross between "post-war tasteless and Russian brutalist".

Former Lymington councillor John Olliff-Cooper has become one of the latest people to criticise a £1.2m plan to redevelop part of the town quay.

Writing on social media he described the waterfront scheme as "inexcusably ugly".

As reported in the Daily Echo, New Forest District Council is planning to replace the existing toilet block with new facilities including a rooftop terrace.

Mr Olliff-Cooper said: "It will be a terrible indictment of this generation's taste in architecture if the building is approved and completed.

"Design preferences are obviously highly subjective but there are certain styles that meet with general disapproval. The proposed design, which sits uncomfortably between 1950s post-war tasteless and Russian brutalist, is one such.

"The argument that there are already unfortunate designs in the area is not germane to the discussion. Poor 1960s design decisions should not provide an excuse for added ugliness pollution in 2021.

"It has to be hoped that common decency will demand a rethink, long before it reaches the point where such an ugly building can be deposited on an ancient quay."

The scheme has also come under fire from Lymington councillor Jack Davies.

He said: "I support the idea that the space on the quay could be better utilised but the toilet block/wine bar/showers plan is an overbearing monstrosity.

"It must be stopped."

But Snug Architects, employed by the council to design the scheme, has described the proposed development as a “bespoke facility that meets the needs of visiting yachtsmen”.

It says the complex will enhance the character of the area as well as celebrating a "unique waterfront location”.

Some of the letters received by the council are full of praise for the building.

James Bell, of Brookland Close, Pennington, says: "Most marinas/small ports have a balcony accompanied by a café or restaurant. That visitors and locals will have access to this free facility is surely a delightful prospect."

Architect John Bishop, of Quay Road, Lymington, adds: "The quay is probably the most iconic location within the New Forest district.

"The provision of new toilets, a café and an upper viewing deck will further enhance the offering for visitors to the town."


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