AN ASSOCIATE artist at a town theatre has been awarded funding for her new project.

Associate Artist at The Point Eastleigh, Gemma Kerr has received the cash boost from Arts Council England for her new project, Quiet Girls.

The project, is set to explore the nature of quietness and how this can be "both a strength and a limitation" on women’s self-expression.

She’s also currently recruiting participants for an inter-generational community-based project that will run alongside, and feed into, the development of the show.

This is aimed at giving a voice to women and girls aged 18 and over.

Gemma said: “I am delighted that this application has been successful. I had brilliant support from Sacha Lee (former Artistic Director at The Point), everyone at The Point, Sophie Ross, Sarah Shephard and Cath Church.

“I have a huge feeling of relief that all the work so far has finally come good. The past year has been so hard and I know I'm not alone in feeling like I lost my identity to a degree because of not being able to work in the way I was used to. This is a massive boost and comes with a lot of hope for the future.

“Lots of girls are taught to be quiet and not to take up space, not to make a fool of themselves or get things wrong and that really has an impact. If you feel you are an introvert, have struggled to be heard or express yourselves, know you have been silenced, or however you may identify as quiet, I would love to hear from you.”