I WRITE this merely as an observation, but isn’t it odd the amount of fuss over the release of a film?

James Bond is a fictional secret agent, who in real life would never have survived all the injuries he incurs.

I fully accept the films are escapism, and I do enjoy them. It is just about the very last thing we can call British.

But in the real world, a film release is not going to save Britain.

We have a national debt in excess of 2 trillion pounds. Food shortages. Problems of petrol supply.

£20 a week taken away from the people who need that even more now, as the cost of living is increasing.

I will however buy the DVD when it is available, as I am not willing to mix with coronavirus carrying cinema-goers.

In the meantime, who will be the next Dr. Who?

Please not Boris Johnson.

I know this letter is all over the place. But so is just about everything and anything these days.

It makes no sense.

Richard Grant