IF there is any ballet that can glue your eyes to the stage throughout the show, this is it.

Swan Lake staged by the Birmingham Royal Ballet was captivating, mesmerising and beautiful.

While sitting amongst the crowd at the Mayflower Theatre, I could feel the intensity of this ballet performance from the beginning until the end. 

It was beyond comparison. 

Swan Lake was first performed in Moscow in 1877, and it continues to be the most universally popular classical ballet, both for its music and story. 

The four-act ballet has everything - drama, passion, and chemistry.

Daily Echo: Tyrone Singleton as Prince Siegfried and Céline Gittens as OdetteTyrone Singleton as Prince Siegfried and Céline Gittens as Odette (Image: Bill Cooper)

The chemistry especially between Celine Gittens (Odetta/Odile) and Brandon Lawrence (Prince Seigfried) doesn't go unnoticed. 

As they rise, turn, spin, and glide, they remain in character.

One could feel their love and pain for each other.

Having said that, I can't put into words how well Celine juggles the roles of the white and black swans.

At one point, I had to ask someone sitting next to me if it was the same dancer. 

And to my surprise, it was. 

Daily Echo: Andrew RossAndrew Ross (Image: Andrew Ross)

When dancing as the white swan, Celine's persona was so different. 

She looked pure, gentle, and soft.

Meanwhile, the energy on the stage shifted when she turned into a black swan. 

Her moves became stronger and sharper.

In act three, she revolves on one leg 32 times without touching the floor. Simply incredible, at least to me.

I can't put into words how beautiful and moving the last act was.

Dressed in white, sparkly costumes, the flock dancers took the stage with elegance and grace.

The group's formation and coordination were also in sync.

Daily Echo: Swan Lake Swan Lake (Image: Andrew Ross)

So far, I have watched Don Quixote by the Birmingham Royal Ballet and Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker. 

Swan Lake is undeniably a must-watch. 

It is a celebration of love, music, and dance. 

It moved the crowd so much so that it ended with chants of "bravo" and non-stop applause. 

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