WHEN it comes to the environment, takeaways don’t have the best reputation.

Polystyrene boxes containing the remains of a burger or kebab and plastic cutlery strewn across pavements are a familiar city centre sight following a weekend evening.

And many of the containers are made of materials that will take hundreds of years to break down – meaning that even after they do make it into the bin they could be hanging around in a landfill site for generations.

But a Hampshire business is setting to change all that, with the Great British Takeaway.

As well as using biodegradable containers and cutlery they use local ingredients both because they want to support other local businesses but also because they feel they offer better quality.

“We hope to change the way the takeaway is perceived,” says Richard Lendon, the man behind the company which is based at the Drummond Arms in Somerset Road, Southampton.

“I try to make sure everything I get is local and eco-friendly. We aim to bring restaurant quality food to the takeaway and delivery market, using local produce. It means we can ensure freshness and quality.”

Richard sources his meat from Lalys Butcher in Thornhill, Southampton, who use a local farm for their steaks and chicken.

He also uses local farmers markets for his fruit and vegetables.

And with everything from a cooked breakfast to a roast dinner available to be delivered to your door within Southampton, Richard says business is booming.

For more information, visit thegreatbritishtakeaway.co.uk or to order visit just-eat.co.uk