SLOW Food Solent’s second event, on Saturday, sees the local produce available on Stockbridge High Street, also known as the “Best Foodie Street” in the UK, brought into the spotlight.

Stockbridge High Street was awarded the “Best Foodie Street” in the UK by the Google Street View Awards earlier this year.

Slow Food Solent will honour this prestigious award by heading to the street to buy local, fresh produce to be used in a picnic and BBQ cook-off at a local countryside park.

Participants should meet at 11am in the Vine Inn, Stockbridge, where £5 (£6 for non members) will be put into the Slow Food lunch kitty. Groups will then peruse the “Best Foodie Street” in the country, and use the money from the kitty to buy delightful treats for lunch. A barbecue and picnic will then take place at a countryside park venue where a culinary feast will be cooked from the goodies bought. Interested members and non-members should email