SCRUMPTIOUS Preserves are handmade by Sarah Adamson in Woolston, Southampton.

The ingredients largely come from her own allotment and the jams and chutneys are made in her own kitchen.

What started as a hobby, making gifts for family and friends, has grown into a business.

For more information, visit scrumptiouspreserves. com

Tried and Tasted reviews

PUNCHY PEACH If you want something different this could be just the thing. Sublime and fruity with a hint of chilli that shouldn’t scare off the faint hearted. Flavoursome and filling.

RASPBERRY AND APPLE JAM Really fruity and sweet but this seems virtuous as it’s got so much fruit in it I felt like I was eating one of my five a day. Not at all sickly – I could happily eat a whole jar. Much more of a breakfast jam than the rest of the range, I'd rather my toast was never without this tasty treat again.

CHRISTMAS RELISH Even the smell makes me feel festive! This is a oneoff limited edition tasty treat for this time of year and works well for guests or a gift.Sweet and spicy but quite light, this tasty relish won’t overpower whatever Christmas treat you choose to lavish it over.

SCRUMPYLICIOUS Real full bodied flavour, it would be excellent with a strong cheese. A slight sharpness makes it refreshing.This is not too sweet as the combo of onions, sultanas and apple work in perfect harmony.Fruity and chunky.

HOT CHILLI JAM Really spicy, gets the tastebuds tingling. The kind of thing you get hooked on. One for chilli lovers. On the line between sweet and savoury. Not for the faint hearted, the hot and spicy flavour creeps up on you. Who would have thought jam could have such a sting in its tail? Perfect for fans of all things with a kick.

TOMATO AND ONION RELISH This had me immediately reaching for the cheese and biscuits. A traditional relish with added zing. Some may find it a little watery but tired that leftover meat may seem by Boxing Day, this will be just the thing to pep it up.

TINGLY TOMATO With a hint of sweet chilli standing out from juicy tomato and apple, this chutney strikes just the right balance. Packed full of flavour, this is a delicious chunky relish with a lovely background tingle. You can taste that it’s made from real, fresh ingredients.