Jack Whitehall has said he was sacked as a waiter when he was starting out in comedy because he was trying out new material on customers.

The comedian told the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen that a diner complained to his manager that he was spending too much time talking to them.

Whitehall said: “I was a waiter once and I got sacked because I’d just started doing stand-up comedy and the manager had a complaint.

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Whitehall appeared on Saturday Kitchen (Ian West/PA)

“I kept trying out my half-baked jokes on customers and they complained that I was too chatty and they didn’t want my jokes and so they had to get rid of me.”

He added that he would “pull up a chair” so that he could chat with customers.

“To be fair it was pretty ropey material back in the day,” Whitehall said.

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“Some would argue it hasn’t got much better, but at least in a comedy club they have come to hear it and in a restaurant they just come to mind their own business and I was forcing these jokes upon them and it was not appreciated.”

The Fresh Meat star added that he “did a lot of nose picking on the floor as well, which they don’t like in restaurants”.

“I’m not proud of it”, he said.