THERE are remasterings of fantastic titles such as Persona 4 and Final Fantasy X, killer sequels such as Dead Space 3, God or War: Ascension and Crysis 3, as well as series reboots in the form of Tomb Raider, and Devil May Cry.

And if all that isn’t enough, we’ll also be treated to some tasty looking independent products including The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and Watch Dogs. Let’s not forget there will also be the usual annual releases that, although aren’t guaranteed at this stage, are probably still likely to see a release – games like FIFA, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed.

The one game on the tip of everybody’s tongue at the moment, and on the top of most wanted lists, is of course Grand Theft Auto V.

Players take control of different characters in the city of Los Santos, in a storyline that’s bound to bob, weave, and entwine with not just each other, but also with the law.

Role-playing game fans have plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

Not only is the already critically acclaimed Ni No Kuni coming to PlayStation 3 this month, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 The Golden is arriving in PS Vita in February. Although there are no firm dates set yet, it’s also widely believed 2013 will see the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Tales of Xilia – two high profile RPGs.

While on RPGs – South Park is in development by Obsidian and is due for release in the spring. Not only will it have the same aesthetics as the cartoon itself, but the script is being penned by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s going to be funny, epic, and more than likely a little taboo.

For those after a decent firstperson shooter – 2013 should produce.

Bioshock Infinite is due March 26, and is set in the floating city of Columbia. Infinite is likely to be full of atmosphere, storyline, and amazing gameplay.

Lara Croft is coming back from the dead in a complete reboot of the Tomb Raider series.

Scraping the old storyline and starting fresh, Tomb Raider sees her transformation from a young over-privileged lady, to a hardcore survival machine.

It’s looking great, and come March 5, we can’t wait to play it.

Since first surfacing at E3 last year, Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs has been the talk of the gaming town. From what we’ve seen so far, play centres on the use of technology, hacking, and the manipulation of information.

Although it has no firm release date, we’re excited and intrigued by how unique it looks.

PlayStation 3 owners are in for a treat when it comes to exclusive titles. Naughty Dog, the legends behind the Uncharted series have a new title pencilled for a May 7, 2013 release – The Last of Us. A survival horror set in a gritty post-apocalyptic world, brimming with danger, devastation, and destruction.

If it plays as good as it looks – this will be a must-have title.

Beyond: Two Souls is a psychological thriller from Quantic Dreams, the guys behind blockbuster Heavy Rain. If former studio performances are anything to go by, this exploration into what happens after death will be one to truly die for.

Xbox 360 owners aren’t without their exclusives either – Gears of War: Judgement is looming and is rumoured to be the most challenging game in the series yet.

Due March 19, 2012, this prequel will whisk gamers back to where it all began.

Nintendo have of course got some tricks up their sleeves, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3DS is one of those. We got hands on with this title a while back and can’t wait for its currently undisclosed launch.

From software to hardware, there’s a new kid arriving on the gaming block this April – a games console by the name Ouya – pronounced as ooh-yah.

A silly name granted, but it has both potential and promise.

Priced at just $99, the console will run on the Android operating system and comes with a gamepad equipped with a touchpad. What makes this so different to anything else on the market is that software developed must contain free-to-play features, and the modding of firmware, software, and hardware is encouraged. With developers such as Square Enix already on-board, the Ouya could quite easily become the gamer’s playground.