With Capcom publishing Devil May Cry, and the release of both Ni no Kuni and Persona 4: The Golden looming - our first taste of 2013 is is no doubt full of the flavours of the Orient. These games from our Japan set to furnish gamers with an astonishingly superb first quarter, but they're not the only ones.

Japanese publisher Xseed have released a couple of download games today for PlayStation Vita which may intrigue and delight.

Firstly is Sumioni: Demon Arts which utilises the Vita's front buttons as well as the rear touchpad to deliver a 2D action platformer the likes of which have never been seen before. We're told it's like Okami in 2D - which gets us kind of excited. Check out the trailer below.

The other game is Orgarhythm, a rhythm and sound based real-time strategy game which makes use of touch screen controls. What makes this release so special is the team behind it - it's been developed by ACQUIRE and Neilo, a new studio founded by Space Channel 5 and Rez legend Takashi Hirai. See the trailer below.

We haven't played either of these brand new Vita games yet, but after our recent Japanese gaming experiences, we really cant wait to get to get our filthy mitts all over both of these.

We'll bring you reviews of both soon.