• Reviewed On: iOS
  • Available For: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: SEGA
  • Genre: Sport
  • Price: £6.99


The World Cup may be over, but the beautiful game can never be forgotten, even when you're stuck on the M5 struggling to get to deepest darkest Cornwall.

Football Manager Handheld presents the perfect way to while away those hours in a jam, while all those around you are losing their heads.

It's hardcore stat crunching at its very best, presenting you with the opportunity to launch straight into the full Career mode or, as a newbie, ease yourself in via the Classic, streamlined mode, which strips out many of the bells and whistles that make the game so unbelievably deep.

As usual, every area of the game delivers a ludicrous level of granular detail, whether you're dealing with questions from the media or noting the number of deflections off defenders ending up at the back of the net.

It's gloriously engrossing stuff, and the perfect summer footballing pick-me-up before another real-life season begins in earnest...

SCORE: 8/10