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It's official - Skyrim is getting a Kinect makeover.

Thankfully this doesn't mean that adopters of the Kinect control scheme will have to jump around their living room like a toddler on a sugar buzz. Instead Bethesda have taken a far more armchair approach to how it's integrated - and that's perfect for those long Skyrim sessions we all love to have.

The whole system will work by using the Kinect's microphone to recognise over 200 voice commands. This means that dragon shouts, hotkey equipping, follower commands and menu items can all be utilised without the need to pull up menus. There's even the functionality to be able to save or load with just a quick and easy voice command.

The Kinect support will be a free update, and Bethesda are keen to stress that there will be more to come. Not only that, but Bethesda are also currently working on the first set of Xbox 360 exclusive game add-ons which will add new quests, locations, features and more.

We can't wait to kick back and whip dragon butt by screaming at our TV, and thankfully we don't need to wait for too long - it's due some time this month.