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Available For: Xbox 360

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Treyarch

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Age: 18 (PEGI)

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DEVELOPERS Treyarch aren’t famed for developing the best Call of Duty games. But through the repetition of being called to duty, their hard work is beginning to pay off – Black Ops II is the most complete Call of Duty game to date.

Although furnished with flashback missions, things are predominantly set in 2025. The future technology for espionage action plays a prominent role, but it’s not as unbelievable as some sci-fi shooters may be. It creates the perfect amount of intrigue without becoming too unbelievable.

One of the biggest complaints of Call of Duty’s former campaign modes has always been its linear fashion. Funnelling corridors and blatant trigger points have always been the kryptonite of play, weakening the entire experiences and stripping it of its super status. But Treyarch have managed to make the levels feel more open by offering an array of paths to gun through.

Not only are the physical paths more varied, but the endings and the storyline shift depending on choices made. Missions can even be revisited in order to change the outcome. Black Ops isn’t the first game to take this approach, it is however the first Call of Duty to, and is a welcome addition.

Treyarch have kept the competitive multiplayer structure similar to that of Modern Warfare 3 but with a phenomenal new upgrade system named Pick 10. This enables gamers to customise their load-out and build their character to suit their play style.

Pick 10 requires players to pick up to ten perks, skills, abilities or weapons to go to war with. These even include the option to give up the side arm – something that’s been a nonnegotiable feature for years.

This level of customisation is bound to rejuvenate the love and interest of long term fans of the series, whilst also making it the perfect spring-board for those who want to jump into Call of Duty’s multiplayer for the first time.

A new competitive mode named Hardpoint offers refreshing play in the form of a team based king-ofthe- hill style game. Players are required to defend different points, while the opposing team carry out their assault.

Zombie mode is incredible. Since World at War, it’s been Treyarch’s signature Call of Duty game mode, and with Black Ops II, it’s seen the biggest revamp since its invention.

With the new feature called Tranzit, its taken its very first steps towards being a fully fledged co-op campaign.

Survivors can now use a bus to travel between areas whilst fending off the flesh infatuated zombies. It adds depth and another dimension to the mode without diluting or ruining the experience in any way.

People clearly love zombie mode, so it’s great that Treyarch have been listening to their cries.

Through packing in its many features, being intuitive with customisation, and because of its steps to disguise its linearity – Black Ops II is possibly the most important Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare. It's certainly the most complete.

Another must-have of the year – another must-have Call of Duty.

SCORE: 9 / 10

PROS: Fantastic campaign with, brilliant multiplayer, superb zombies - the complete package.

CONS: The script and dialogue is a little cheesy. .