Reviewed On: Xbox 360

Available For: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U

Publisher: Disney

Developer: Junction Point

Genre: Platformer

Age: U (BBFC)

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Simon and Garfunkel, Mitchell and Webb, Batman and Robin – some of the best things come from the power of two minds combined.

Now Mickey Mouse has a new pal to play with in the form of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Putting their heads and minds together, the duo set out on a mission to stop the earthquakes in the Wasteland and spruce the place up again.

But as with most relationships – it has it’s up and downs. When playing in single-player, Oswald is computer controlled, and often a cumbersome oaf. After plenty of solo play with him disappearing for long spells, repeating himself over-and-over, and being generally annoying – you’ll learn to despise him too.

Spraying like a water-pistol., paint is applied to bring objects and scenery to life, whilst thinner can be used to wipe things out of existence.These can’t be used on everything within shot, but the things that can be form the many puzzles which make up play. Paint some steps to clamber up them, remove them to travel through them.

Wasteland is a museum of Disney memorabilia, perfect for any Disneyphille. Nods to all kinds of Disney films and cartoons through the ages are strewn throughout.

Aesthetically, things look great. The world springs into life as they’re filled with vibrant colour, but they still look fantastic as they're stripped. It’s visually a well made and well polished world.

Platforming is the key feature, with chasms to jump, walls to climb, and platforms to be traversed, Unfortunately, the poor camera angles and fiddly controls stifle any real sense of finesse.

There’s plenty to make the experience rich, deep, and live up to its title of being epic. Side missions, purchasable upgrades, 2D sections, and moral choices all help to make Epic Mickey more than just a platformer.

The music clearly takes a leaf from Fantasia's book with a score to match the actions highs and lows. It's a big part of the magic.

Like the Wastelands, Epic Mickey 2 needs a bit of fixing. It’s brave and ambitious; as beautiful as it is puzzling. But with the fundamental mechanics failing, not even the power of two can hide its cracks.

SCORE: 4 / 10