Reviewed On: PlayStation 3

Available For: PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Ninja Theory

Genre: Action Hack and Slash

Age: 18 (PEGI)

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rebooted, reinvented, and remarkable - it's Devil May Cry - but not as we know it.

Now going by the moniker of DmC this new game in the incredible Devil May Cry series is a complete re-imagining, and a brand new beginning for the super cool demon-battler Dante and his slick combat skills. He can travel into Limbo and thwart the efforts of demons hell-bent on the manipulation of human life. It's a tale of of self-discovery as our gritty new-look hero rediscovers memories of the past whilst protecting the future of humanity.

Dante looks different, his entire world is different - yet his ability to unleash rampant attacks is consistent with, and maybe even better than the old Dante. Expect huge flurries of enemies caught up in constant tornadoes of attacks - it's fast furious and crazier than ever.

His large arsenal is back, ranging from sword to guns, scythes to axes. These weapons aren't used independently, but instead button combinations determine which weapon Dante uses. It's always important to mix the usage up, as each weapon is good against different demons.

Just navigating around the treacherous Limbo can be a danger in itself, with the world often crumbling, twisting, and truncating in some way. At times, it almost feels like a platform game as well as a brilliantly crafted hack-and-slash.

It's rare these days to see unique enemies draped in a magical film of creative genius, far too often they're mind numbingly boring and simply meet a generic standard of what's expected. But what DmC offers are detailed monstrosities whose aesthetic grimness paradoxically lead to their biggest charm and beauty.

There are also plenty of boss battles which offer respite to the rest of the chasm-jumping, sword-swirling, and blood-spilling.

As before, players are rated and rewarded for how they perform in each of the 20 missions, and if they obtain enough red orbs, they can be traded for items in the in-game shop. At this shop, upgrades can also be applied to not just Dante, but his weaponry too.

DmC is accessible to gamers of all skill levels. With varying difficulty options, as well as a rapid growing list of moves and combos, players can choose just how deep they delve into Limbo. Whether they're a combo king or just partial to a quick scuffle - DmC has something mighty special on offer.

An amazing world, an eclectic roster of moves, some superbly created enemies, and a hardcore new-look Dante - a great beginning for 2013 - an even better new beginning for Devil May Cry. It's the first must have of the year.

SCORE: 9 / 10

PROS: Crazy combat, slick platforming, great ambiance.

CONS: The large moves list so large, it's hard to remember it all.