Reviewed On: iPhone

Available For: iOS

Publisher: FDG

Developer: FDG

Genre: Action

Age: 9+

Price: 69p

Make sure you play this on an empty stomach, because you're going to munch your way through more bendy yellow fruit than you've ever imagined!

Taking control of a jungle primate threatened by a banana avalanche, you tap to leap, swing and glide your way through the multi-tiered 2D platform terrain, collecting as many bananas as you can along the way. The fruit fills up your power-meter, which can be traded for short super-strength bursts across the screen, keeping you ahead of the avalanche as well as destroying obstacles in your way.

It's perfectly simple, addictive smartphone stuff, which is further enhanced by a host of power-ups that you can exchange your bananas for. These come in the shape of other jungle animals to aid your cause, whether it's a boar that destroys oncoming obstacles or a giraffe that saves you from falling out of the treetops. And that's when the jungle fun really begins...

SCORE: 8 / 10