Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS

Available For: Vita, 360, PS3, Wii U, 3DS

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Sumo Digital

Genre: Racing

Age: 7 (PEGI)

Price: £23.99


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The super-sized version of SASRT on Wii U left a lot to be desired, flattering to deceive with its cracking graphics, while a peep under the blue hedgehog's bonnet told a different story.

Here on 3DS, everything seems to fit more snugly, and handheld gamers are treated to an enjoyable on-track romp around the Sega world, in an effort to catch up with the race-leader Mario Kart.

Again, delightful visuals prove the 3DS's prowess, with countless animations battling to distract your eyes from the track ahead. Gameplay is equally engaging, though the airborne races are significantly stickier to get the hang of, compared with boat or car challenges. But stick with it. If you put the hours in, you'll find a rewarding racer that will have you focusing on every corner, boost and power-up in search of that elusive Grand Prix victory.

Yes, Mario may still be on top of the podium, but Sonic and Co have had a good crack at the title here..

SCORE: 7 / 10