Reviewed On: iPad

Available For: iPad, iPhone, iPod

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Developer: Playrise Digital

Genre: Racing

Age: 9 (PEGI)

Price: £1.99

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Any game to come from the legendary Wipeout stable is always going to cause excitement, and Table Top Racing moves the outer space on-track thrills to more grounded environments.

The pint-sized vehicles prove to be an effective outlet for speedy gaming sustenance, as you hair around carefully constructed table-top tracks with views that vary from toy stores to restaurants, dodging all manner of obstacles along the way.

It's more karting-style than full-blown high-speed racer, but presents enough boosts and weapon-based power-ups to make the career progression an enjoyable and challenging experience.

Coins collected can be exchanged for other vehicle upgrades as you jump from ice cream vans to 4x4s and, while it may lack the depth of some other iOS racers, it's still extremely playable and well-presented four-wheeled fun and frolics.

SCORE: 8 / 10