Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS

Available For: Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Konami

Genre: Action

Age: 16 (PEGI)

Price: 32.99

Castlevania is all about whip-wielding action, with a host of undead enemies foolishly standing in your way as you stride through all manner of gloomy gothic environments.

Mirror Of Fate echoes all of these traits on 3DS, while also proving to be the very best example of the 3D graphics technology that the handheld system has to offer.

There's a brilliant blend of side-scrolling action, non-linear exploration and some superb boss battles that will rival any final challenges you've taken on in your recent gaming past.

A perfect mix of puzzle and action, the 10-12 hours of gameplay will flash by quicker than when you execute the series of cracking combos you'll amass through the game.

The audio may not quite live up to the standards of games gone by, but in every other respect, this is a classic action title worthy of the Castlevania name.

SCORE: 7 / 10