Reviewed On: iPad

Available For: iOS and Android devices

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Electronic Arts

Genre: Racing

Age: Age (PEGI)

Price: Free

It's amazing how offering a title with production values as high as Real Racing 3 for free has been the cause of such consternation among iOS race fans.

It's because 'free' these days can often be shorthand for freemium, where gamers must pay within the game itself to access the features that they would much rather have available up front for a fee.

Here, Real Racing 3 can absolutely be enjoyed in its totally free status, and it certainly offers one of the finest racing experiences yet to hit app stores.

Yes, you'll probably need to spend a fiver or so to avoid any major periods of inconvenience, waiting for cars to be repaired or serviced, but it's a small price to pay for a game that is technically unbelievable, and worthy of being mentioned alongside the likes of Gran Turismo when it comes to attention to detail.

Just drop into the driver's set and find out for yourself.

SCORE 7 / 10