Reviewed On: iPad

Available For: iOS

Publisher: Simogo

Developer: Simogo

Genre: Puzzle

Price: £1.99

Puzzle games can be tricky enough to tackle when you've got security guards, laser beams and pesky trapdoors to negotiate.

Now, a bunch of in-tune iOS developers have decided to add a further layer of complexity - musical beats.

Beat Sneak Bandit is out to retrieve all the clocks in the world after they're stolen by Duke Clockface, and success will almost entirely depend upon whether you can keep time, listen and learn the rhythm patterns to progress through each level.

A tap in time to the beat will move Bandit on one step, turn him round if he's up against a wall or take him up a flight of stairs. Needless to say, the simple control method hides a brilliantly constructed set of platform puzzle levels, which gradually increase in difficulty as you progress and add the aforementioned security guards and other obstacles along the way.

Collecting all clocks on each level unlocks further content, with yet more awesome music to lock in your brain.

Even when you turn this game off, your toes will still be tapping, making Beat Sneak Bandit an addictive audio sensation.

SCORE: 9 / 10