Reviewed On: 3DS

Available For: Nintendo Wii, 3DS

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Genre: Side-scrolling platformer

Age: 3 (PEGI)

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At almost 32 years-old Donkey Kong is still a regular star in many video-games, and a firm favourite amongst gamers. During his time as King Kong of the consoles, one of his biggest titles was Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo - a game which has spawned a sub-series of titles, each of which star the nit-picking adventurer.

Donkey Kong Country became an obsession for me as a young gamer. I knew where all the hidden areas were, how to gather all the collectibles, and had the timing for, jumping, swinging, and attacking off to a tee. In short - I spent far too much time playing it.

But when the Wii version hit a little under three years-ago, no prior gameplay had prepared me for the challenge which lay ahead. To call Donkey Kong Country Returns hard would be an understatement - to call it hellishly devilish would be nearer the point. It made me go ape on more than one occasion.

There are very few differences in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS - but perhaps the most welcome is the easy mode. Don't however be fooled by the moniker, it will still test the hardiest of gamers - including those who perfected Donkey Kong Country back in the day.

For those who have previously missed out on the glory of Donkey Kong Country, play comes in the form of a level based side-scrolling platformer with a particular emphasis on pace. There are usually a heap of collectibles to be found on each level, with the completion percentage increasing upon collection.

Graphically, things are impressive. The bright and beautiful scenery packs a fantastic level of detail, and the 3D helps to create an unparalleled depth-of-field with the backgrounds, reminiscent of how extraordinary the backgrounds were in the series almost 20 years-ago.

The sound is great, with musical variations of the original Donkey Kong Country bringing back happy memories of some phenomenal gaming moments.

For those planning to download the game from the Nintendo Shop, please remember that the file is over 2 GB, so those with an original 3DS may need to upgrade to a higher capacity card.

The few added levels, the minor tweaks, and the 'easy mode' are enough to make this the best Donkey Kong game in almost two decades, and the fact it's portable is a massive bonus.

If there was ever a time to go bananas over Donkey Kong, it's now.

SCORE: 9 / 10

PROS: Great graphics, awesome gameplay, superb music.

CONS: It will destroy life with its addictive ways.