Reviewed On: Xbox 360

Available For: Xbox 360, PlayStation, and PC

Publisher: Atlus

Developer: Atlus

Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Age: 16 (PEGI)

Price: 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80)

IT’S A movie no-one was looking forward to with poor critic scores, based upon a comic book which not many people have heard of. Now there’s a video game of R.I.P.D – joy!

Its unpopularity in both the comic book and movie world is hardly surprising when the cliché lunacy of the storyline is considered.

A trendy young cop partnered with a gunslinging oldie work for the R.I.P.D., an undead police force committed to killing deados, dead folk who hang around and bother the living instead of facing their judgement.

But in despite of everyone technically already being dead, R.I.P.D. is a gun heavy third-person action game clad with relentless gunfire.

Teaming up with an online chum, players face waves of enemies and are given objectives to try and achieve. The more deados killed and the more objectives achieved, the greater the cash prize.

With more money comes more guns and upgrades – of which there are plenty to keep a gamer amused for a long time.

However, none of the guns feel satisfying as the deados hardly respond to gunfire and the environment is impervious to bullet damage.

Movement isn’t much better as the on-screen characters clumsily fumble their way through locales which are visually comparable to exceedingly early eighth-generation games After a short time with the Rest In Peace Department, it won’t be long until you’ll wish the game would rest in peace for good, and although only 800 Microsoft Points (around £6.80), it’s more than likely you could be left feeling R.I.P.D. off.

SCORE: 3 / 10

PROS: Horde games are always fun online with friends.

CONS: Bad graphics, gameplay, sound, everything.