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  Available For: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, WiiU, PSP

  Publisher: Ubisoft

  Developer: Pwnee Studio

  Genre: Platformer

  Age: 7 (PEGI)

  Price: 800 MS Points (£6.20)

If you suffer from a nervous disposition, have heart problems, or are susceptible to bouts of rage, there’s a good chance Cloudberry Kingdom is not for you. Not unless you like aggravating your conditions.

Calling it hard is an understatement in the same vein as referring to the universe as ‘large’.

With so many platformer games on the XBLA, there’s a need for them to do something different. Trine delivered the puzzles, Braid bought the originality, Super Meat Boy offered outrageousness, and Fez was garbed in a retro outfit. Cloudberry specialises in its ability to challenge.

To show their dedication to present gamers with something to test their metal, developers Pwnee Studios have implemented random level generators, ensuring that people can't just learn the levels, but must rely on a completely different skill set – their reactions.

Cloudberry is all about tearing through levels like a binge drinker through a kebab.

It’s about running, jumping, gasping, hoping, and praying.

As a gift for those who manage to navigate their way from left-to-right through the level and around the multitude of perilous obstacles, there are gifts to be won. These include wacky things like pogo unicorns, which in theory sound great, but in reality fail to change or spice-up gameplay.

There’s nothing particularly exciting or original about the animation, nor is there anything to captivate through its music.

It's all a little standard from both a visual and audio pointof- view.

Multiplayer livens things up a little, as up to four players bounce around on the screen at once, creating more of an obstacle than usual. It can be mayhem.

With fun multiplayer a fast pace, and a constant challenge, Cloudberry has something to offer gamers.

With nothing to wow, amaze, or bedazzle, it also has things to discourage gamers. Very much a mixed bag.

  SCORE: 6 / 10

  PROS: A fantastic challenge with some insanely fun multiplayer.

  CONS: With standard graphics, sound, and a lack of puzzles, it simply doesn't wow.