You don't get many games coming out of Germany these days, yet Blade of Destiny is one title to hail from there, representing a one-to-one remake of the 1992 original which was well received by the previous generation of role-players.

Sadly, time can be cruel in the gaming world and, though trumpeted as a remake, Blade of Destiny proves to be just as stuck in the past as the first outing, offering a downright broken gameplay experience to anyone foolish enough to shell out a tenner or so for it.

RPGs these days are sophisticated beyond belief, but Realms of Arkania has done little, if anything to advance the series, and nostalgic authenticity will struggle to hold the attention of those brought up on a diet of Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls.

Even the translation dies off at one point, as German words flood back into the dialogue between the nonsensical characters. Budget expired, credibility eradicated, game over.

Avoid at all costs.

SCORE: 1 / 10