How about adding a tank to your roll call of vehicles on your drive?

Big, heavy, and likely to win any stand-off at the traffic lights - and that's before you've even had the chance to pimp it up and take on all comers in this action simulation from Codemasters.

It's presented incredibly well and boasts stonking audio - well worth a go with headphones. Taking your tank into battle couldn't be simpler, rolling around and firing off an awesome array of weaponry throughout three hefty campaigns, set across the North African deserts, green fields of Europe and frozen Siberian tundra.

Whether you opt for authentic upgrades such as camouflages, or just go wild with the paint cans and forget about any kind of stealth, casual gamers can find plenty of fun to be had.

Those who get hooked may find it's a high price to pay for all the bells and whistles, but if it's big guns and even bigger explosions you're after on the small screen, then Boom! Tanks could be worth a try.