• Reviewed On: iOS
  • Available For: iOS
  • Publisher: Mediocre Games
  • Developer: Mediocre Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Price: Free

What do you get when you cross an on-rails shooter with pinball in a Tron-like world? In two words, Smash Hit.

The sound of shattering glass is almost as satisfying as the tapping of your touchscreen as you fire your ball bearings at the ethereal polygonal structures hurtling towards you.

It may not have an overwhelming amount of depth, but with your headphones in, this addictive atmospheric experience will happily transport you to another world for half an hour or so.

Free to play on your phone, it's well worth shelling out a pound or so for the iPad iteration, which will provide the ultimate combination of gorgeous simplistic graphics with superb soundtrack.

SCORE: 8/10