• Reviewed On: iOS
  • Available For: iOS
  • Publisher: Mediocre Games
  • Developer: Mediocre Games
  • Genre: Family
  • Price: £0.69

If someone's ever popped a post-it on your head and you've tried to guess who you're supposed to be, Heads Up should be an instant download to your smartphone or tablet. It may only be a technological trade-up from the paper equivalent, but the content available offers near endless group interaction at your fingertips.

Whether you're guessing celebrities, movies, accents or animals, the game's in-built timer keeps order amongst the handful or houseful of players around you and creates a commendable, technological way of getting groups to interact without being dominated by the on-screen display.

Additional Charades and Charades Kids downloads ensure that anyone can join in the fun, and if you're looking to keep the kids in the back (relatively) quiet during long trips, this parlour-game-turned-app is right on the money.

SCORE: 8/10