• Reviewed On: iOS
  • Available For: iOS
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Full Fat
  • Genre: Sport
  • Price: Free

Fresh from Rory McIlroy's Open success comes another gaming take on the world of golf, as EA tees up with an arcade interpretation of probably the trickiest challenge in sport.

The virtual club in your hand here certainly won't feel like the kind of thing you've been used to in the simulation-style iterations of the PGA's finest, because it's tokens representing the currency that allow you to unlock new golfers, refill your energy and retry failed challenges.

This would all be bearable, were it not for the erratic behaviour of the ball in flight and when it hits the fairway, with you swiping furiously to apply changes of direction and ball spin.

The same efforts may produce very different results from one shot to the next, which could grate, a lot.

It's a shame, because the game is an interesting departure from the golfing norm, with all new events from St Andrews to tackle. But sadly, King Of The Course still ends up more of a bogey than a birdie.

SCORE: 7/10