Reviewed On: iOS

Available For: Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Publisher: Team 17 Software Ltd

Developer: Team 17 Software Ltd

Genre: Puzzle

Age: 9+

Price: £1.49 from the App store

EVER fancied being a shepherd in a steampunk environment, filled with perilous danger which wouldn’t be out of place in a Saw movie?

Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

Team 17 Software Ltd have taken their legendary franchise Lemmings and have given it a wool clad twist. They’ve returned to the classic lead-them-to- the-goal puzzle genre but have ditched lemmings in place for sheep.

Getting the little bleaters to the goal isn’t as easy as it sounds – there are switches to be pressed, rotating blades to be circumnavigated, spikes to be dodged, and large squashy things to be avoided. Each level is a maze of constant terror.

Players need to use timing, cunning and skill to select when a sheep should be given special abilities or not They can be turned into a jumper (springing from the knees, not the clothes garment), super sheep, a building block or more.

Daily Echo:

Things start simply, with shepherds gradually being herded on to the more difficult puzzles. Some of the latter levels are incredibly complex, making things a massive challenge for those who want to collect all stars on each level.

A great deal of longevity and replayability stems from this.

Stars are awarded for various things; completing a level, rescuing all sheep, or collecting the golden fleece on a level. The more stars, the higher the reward of wool which can be used to purchase new sheep costumes or tips to help with a certain round.

Play is interlaced with the finding of hidden levels or with boss battles. These keep the same basic methods of play, but add a slightly different twist in order to break up gameplay.

There are many levels available – although I didn’t find it was quite enough to quench my insatiable thirst. But for a meagre £1.49, it’s easily worth the money.

Flockers was originally released last year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but is brand new to iOS.

The touchscreen lends itself beautifully to the genre, although it can be infuriating when, on the odd occasion, it doesn’t register a tap.

So even if by some extremely remote chance you haven’t wanted to become a shepherd in a steampunk environment filled with perilous danger, there’s never been a better time to do so – touch controls and portability make sure of that.

SCORE: 7: 10

PROS: 60 levels, a real challenge, great use of touchscreen.

CONS: Taps don't always register.