Game Name: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 - Catch a Ride

Platform: Xbox One

Available on: 360 Mac, PC, PS3, PS4, XO

Age: 18 (PEGI)

Publisher: Telltale Games

Genre: Adventure

Price: £3.99 per episode or £11.99 for the season pass.

With three months between episodes, it’s been a long wait to get our sweaty mitts and eager eyes upon another slice of the over-the-top action with wacky characters and insane humour.

With all that time between episodes, Telltale Games has helpfully created an in-depth, interesting, and nicely animated re-cap. This rolls before the narrative resumes and we’re reacquainted with the two main protagonists delivering their personal, and often conflicting, flashbacks to their masked captor.

New characters pop up along the way, including a naive but lovable robot who joins the motley crew and promises to lead the gang to the Vault – albeit on a roundabout route.

From the intro through to the episode’s finale, this scintillating piece of two-hour gameplay contains some excellent action sequences where players are kept on their toes with quick-time button presses and spur-of-the-moment decision making. Despite being strong, the action isn’t as plentiful as before – it takes a back seat in order to let the storyline flourish.

Players may even get lucky and see some romance, depending on which choices they make. Every decision, including the major one at the end of Episode 2, has an impact on what the player experiences. What Catch a Ride lacks in action, it certainly makes up for in consequence.

Daily Echo:

Telltale Games have come a long way in terms of their graphics – never has one of their episodic seasons looked as good. Not only are the visuals tip-top, but it’s easily the most reliable in terms of bugs and glitches. During my two playthroughs of each episode, I’ve experienced no problems at all.

Not as much happens compared to the first two episodes, but the consequences of decisions are feeling more apparent than ever. This lull in action could easily just be the calm before the storm.

SCORE: 7 / 10