As the motley crew of charlatan vault hunters are back for the penultimate episode of the series, their goal to find a vault draws ever nearer and their experiences together get wackier.

The gang have been captured by the super-hard lady Vallory and they're being forced at gunpoint to find the vault exclusively for her.

There may not be as much humour as we've previously been treated to, yet Escape Plan Bravo packs some excellent narrative and emotional moments. The storytelling for this episode is truly superb.

The plot sometimes feels like Oceans Eleven, as elaborate infiltration plans are put in place and hustles are expertly orchestrated.

As ever, big decisions have to be made and players are faced with quandary inducing choices.

It's always good to see the permanently chipper Scooter, and thankfully he has a large part to play in this episode. He catches a ride with the guys on their mission to space - which just so happens to be his fourth best thing.

And talking of best things, this has to be one of Telltale Games' finest episodes yet, packing some of the best storytelling with a delicate sprinkling of humour.

You'd be crazy not to catch a ride on this baby.

SCORE: 9 / 10