GENRE: Rhythm Game 
ALSO AVAILABLE ON: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, WiiU, Mobile

Like Frankenstein, the guys at Activision have breathed new life in to something that was otherwise dead.

Unlike him, they haven’t created a monster – they’ve manufactured an absolute beast.

The guitar peripheral itself is massively different. Instead of the five brightly coloured buttons which formally adorned the guitar’s neck, it now has six button placed directly next to each other with three above the other three.

There are now more button combinations available, yet their close proximity makes hitting them achievable.

There are two ways to play – Guitar Hero Live or Guitar Hero TV.

While Guitar Hero Live may be interesting to newcomers of the franchise, it’s basically the same story mode we fell in love with years ago and quickly became bored with.

The new guitar and clever, live crowd responses help to keep it fresh for a short while, but it’s just more of the same thing.

Guitar Hero TV however is a true stroke of genius.

Players can choose between two channels of constantly streaming music, each a different genre which changes periodically.

Strumming along, the player competes against others and earns both experience and coins along the way. These coins can then be used to purchase a play of any song from the already extensive track list.

If the player can’t be bothered to play through a few of the steamed songs, real money can be used to purchase plays.

A 24 hour unlock of all songs can even be purchased.

Guitar Hero Live is a triumph. The new guitar peripheral and GH TV mode make it unmissable.

SCORE: 9 / 10