GENRE: First-person shooter
PUBLISHER: Microsoft

SOMETIMES things are best when shared: a bottle of wine, pizza or a celebratory moment for instance. The Halo games have always been better to share – multiplayer is king.

Halo 5 does this with incredible panache – it’s easily the best since Halo 2.

The new mode on the block is Warzone, a 24-player romp in which two teams fight each other whilst carrying out a myriad of objectives, all whilst fighting a bunch of NPCS. It’s manic.

Thankfully the maps are up to four times larger than in previous Halo games, something necessary for the mayhem which plays out on them.

As well as Warzone, all the old favourites are back, and with each game played REQ points are earned.

Working like experience points, these can be used to purchase weapons, vehicles, player buffs and more.

There’s now more variety than ever, not just in the modes available, but from the arsenal and the enemies. Things rarely become repetitive.

The campaign mode is standard fare in terms of length – around 15 missions lasting about seven hours. Its an enjoyable time because of the vast improvement in graphics and mechanics, but the often overcomplicated storyline makes it hard to get sucked in.

The campaign can be played with up to four players co-operatively online, giving rise to the opportunity for a wealth of tactical play.

With the single player being good and the multiplayer being incredible, Halo 5 is a must have for Xbox One owners.

SCORE: 8/10