GENRE: Racing
PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
REVIEWED ON: PlayStation 4
AVAILABLE FOR: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

NEED for Speed has had more rebirths than a devout Buddhist.

Through it’s 21 years of existence the Need for Speed series has gone through a multitude of colossal changes.

Perhaps the biggest differences were between the games which had a major shift in mechanics. Some titles relied on drifting around corners, whilst others relied on more grip.

Each style suited certain players, with each extreme appealing to different people. This is where Electronic Arts have been extremely clever with Need for Speed.

As well as the usual customisation options we know and love, there’s now a slider which adjusts between grip and drift - a perfect way for racers to get the right balance between arcade and simulator.

Mobile phone calls come in thick-and-fast with recommendations of races coming up, as well as general racing related banter. Things are a little dark though - Need for Speed seems to be in some form of perpetual night. It’s a little depressing at times.

Petrolheads will love the fact that cars can be taken from entry-level and pimped into something much more special, even if the car selection is somewhat limited.

The always online feature doesn’t always work as expected. Sometimes others may be more concerned about causing a head on collision rather than entering the true spirit of racing.

Although the visuals aren’t up to the high standards of Forza Horizon, the new customisation options make Need for Speed a unique experience.

SCORE: 6/10